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Recent posts by Razi Abbas

congrats .. what was your assigment ?
14 years ago
I bought it thru a promteric center in Bangalore, so it should be possible for you to do the same in your city. You can browse the list of prometric centers in your city (its there on sun site) and give one of them a call with the exam code.
No updates ... they are not replying to emails now ...

Guess I should rethink about SUN certifications if this is the customer support they have ....
Read from some other threads that the SCEA-old will not be available post 31st Dec 2008. In that case I feel its safe to assume that the assignents belonging to SCEA old are no more very private and can be discussed here in the forum.

With that - I feel that we should be able to post our actual problems and the solutions put. This would let us discuss what went wrong where and what went right where.

Personally speaking ... I dont understand why I lost points in SCEA-2 and would need the community's help to evaluate my assignment (Sun has already failed me twice .. one normal and second resubmission and they dont reply to my emails now :-( ) and tear my solution apart if it is bad.

I am sure many of us are in the same boat and would love to have a subjective analysis of assignments (instead of just scores) by the community here and with the phasing out of SCEA-old it should be possible.

Anyone agrees with me ?
I have resubmitted my assignment for SCEA1.4 (CX-310-300R).

However the site (http://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment) still shows the old score.

Please help me with following:
1. How long does it take for the score to be updated. Its been more than 5 weeks for me.
2. How do I know whether the score is for CX-310-300R and not for CX-310-300.
3. Is there someone in SUN whom we can "call on phone" to takl about this ?
4. Is there a way by which I can find out what my earlier score was. As this so since Sun replied to me that the score is updated and I strongly beleive that is the old score (original assignment). Pasting Mail Below, everything else except the score looks updated :

Thank you for contacting Sun Certification Customer Support. We are happy to assist you.

Test Details
Test Title: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE�, Part III
Client ID: 310
Test ID: 061
Test Version: -1
Date Taken: 2008-10-29 06:21:31.810
Time Spent on Test: 00:41:40
Mastery Score: 100
Candidate's Score: 52
Items Correct: 0
Items Incorrect: 0
Items Skipped: 0
Grade: F
Registration Number: q6csyd53ff
Location: iif97
Attempt Number: 1

Assignment Details
Certification Name: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061)
Assignment Filename: D:\razi.abbas\from_desktop\EAD\scea-SR2590787\scea-SR2590787.jar
Filesize: 470507
Upload Date: 2008-10-21 12:47:24.000
Exam Received: 2008-07-11 07:12:12.000
Assign/Exam Match: 2008-10-21 13:04:36.147
Date To Assessor: 2008-10-21 13:04:36.147
Grade Entered: 2008-10-29 06:21:31.810
I am looking at publishing (or at least making an attempt) some papers related to use of Agile in different environments.

Have browsed thru net and am still to find out a way to do it.

Can anyone help me understand how and where to push such papers ? Am sure a lot of us in the community have done this already ... can you please talk thru your experience on how yu do it ...

PS: This is my first attempt at papers so am absolutely blank about the process and relevant contacts for it.

Thanks in advance ..... Razi

Originally posted by sapana jain:
I am trying to retrive data from database using struts framework.For that I am using all the required things as FormBean,Action class but 1 exception is coming in my application which is as follows................

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: No collection found

Please help me to solve this problem.


Should this not goto the struts forum ?

This is how I understand your problem ....
While trying to display some data on JSP you are getting a collection not found error.

Are you using struts taglib ?

To nail down the problem .. try to find the line ... which if removed from jsp resolved the error ... then post that line ... I have a feeling that (if you have logic:iterate) the collection used is coming up as null ... try initializiting it as new ArrayList or similar ... alternatively try if its not null by using logic tag or simpler still a scriptlet (to debug)...

do post the line which if removed resolves the error.

- Razi
14 years ago

Originally posted by phani bhushan reddy:
How can I monitor web services remotely ?

If you are looking at "how to monitor the deployed web services and get auto informed when any of them is down", you may want to look the below options ...
Option 1: Monitor by checking if the yourWebService.wsdl is accesible
Option 2: Monitor by checking if the yourWebService returns an expected response for a pre-defined input.
Implementing Option 1 - Write a scheduled job which opens URL connection to a list of urls (the fully qualified service.wsdl url), for each of these see if the response not a http error. Regardless to say that you will have to modify this a bit if the webservice is not http based.
Implementing Option 2 - Similar to above except here you create a specific input (much like a test case) and send it the service. Parse the response to see if service is "not down" and is "responsive still" ...
Hope this helps ...

- Razi
14 years ago

Originally posted by Taariq San:
Here's a nice tip on exception handling.

Nice article indeed ...

14 years ago
While I am no guru on webservices interfaces ... I feel s=you should be able to resolve the problem, if you modify the interface to use Arrays instead of ArrayList. To my feeling (not sure) .. xml has support for Arrays and not for ArrayList ... so the change might be an easy way to solve the issue ...

cheers ...

14 years ago

Originally posted by ashok ballu:
I am new to eclipse IDE, I would like to configure axis 2 with Eclipse.

I downloaded axis2-1.4.1-bin.zip file and ANT .

Could you please how to configure these thing with Eclipse.

Thanks in Advance...

Ashok - What do you mean when you say "I would like to configure axis 2 with Eclipse" ? What is it that you think you would achieve when you do it ?
In general .... eclipse would let you configure plugin's etc. If you have a project that needs to use axis API then you can do it by adding libs in the classpath ....

What is it that you mean ?
14 years ago
I think Ulf has an important point ... when the amount of data that is being passed is big ... use of POST is recommended.

Did you try URLEncoder/Decoder ?
Before you pass a data in url it should be encoded. Once you receive the data in servlet you would need to de-encode it.

- Razi
14 years ago
Thanks for the reply John, I do agree with your comments.

Only problem is that when SUN gives less marks in Class Diagram - they don't explain why .....

I got pretty nice marks in sequence and collaboration diagrams. But in Class Diagram the marks are "very very" less ..... so am not able to understand what went wrong in class diagram .... :-(

javascript: x()

Any suggestions/pointers ... for obvious mistakes that people do ?
Does any one know how the marking for Class Diagram is done. Important points that should be considered while creating the class diagram ....

1. To which level does the class diagram detail to
2. Should we show all the associations between classes.
3. To use or avoid the "uses" relationship ?
4. Necessity of showing linkages between domain objects and controller/EJB Bean classes.
5. Other points to take care of ?

Also - Do we have a link to a standard class diagram which can get a score of 40+ on part 2 :-) ... Maybe a standard pet store class digram somewhere ??