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since Dec 13, 2006
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Recent posts by mohan paladi

Hai all,

In my application, I want to use caching for DB and JSP
Iam using java, Mysql.. framework is struts, Db-ibatis
Please give me the procedure to follow up and how to implement that?

[ December 11, 2007: Message edited by: mohan paladi ]
16 years ago
Hi All,

In my website, i have a survey module.
In that i have to change the question by every week, which iam getting from the Database.
Iam using java,and mysql DB, framework struts.
How can i update the question for every week ??
What is the procedure to attain it.
Give me suggestions and tips to startup.

16 years ago
hello maha anna,
Since i am working for projects on java since last 6 months
i would like to share some of my experiences.
The first thing i noted from u r post was,
The application is very crucial and critical since it is
web based and involves lot of complexities.
The best thing to tackle such problems is this way go
by the way of software Engineering (i.e SDLC even it is OO).
step1: Get the requirement freezed as early as possible.
this can be done by preparing an SRS document i.e
Software requirement analysis specification.
The highlights of this would be
1) the overall intial data flow of u r project.
2) the tools and technologies to be used.
3) the limitations of the project i.e should define the scope.
4) since it is a web based u should decide at this level wether the project is going to be a 3 tier or n tier , so
based on these and other factors we should need to decide
the servers we would use.
ie. a web server or application server or a web application server.
next step is the design the database ie. wether it should be
object oriented or relational model like wise.
And prepare a component list this will contain the nof
classes(servlets), number of jsp pages, nof html static pages

step 3;
i need not to mention start coding.
hope this helps please send feed back regarding the same,
by rectifying if any errors.
thanks and regards
- mohan
23 years ago

hello maha anna,
I am alos working for a similar kind of project where i need
to kill or invalidate a session variable aat the logout page.
Do please mail me the source code at,
regards and thanks in advance
- mohan
23 years ago
hi friends,
I would like to know why the servlet doesnot have a
A brief explanation is needed, the orielly servlet book
doenot give a satisfactory reason.
thanks in advance.
- mohan
23 years ago
hello friends,
The default acess specifier is Default(friendly in c++),
but the default acess modifier is Package(some say).
Is it the correct answer can any body throw some light
regarding the same.
thanks in advance
hi friends,
I would like to know the exact difference between
an ABSTRACT class and an INTERFACE.
Which would suit the exact requirement.
thanks in advance
- mohan
hello rainbow,
what u have said is true, you simply cannot call garbage collection. It is the work of JVM. JVM follows some algorthim
based on which it performs garbage collection by some of its
own methods.
U can only request for garbage collection by some of runtime
methods like gc(), in finally etc.
For more details about how it occurs refer to the book
I think u got the concept.
- mohan