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Recent posts by Ajay Singh

If the object is not null, then it means that either
1. Classes are loaded from different class-loaders
2. They are different classes, different on inheritance hierarchy.
15 years ago
May be you are not reading the properties file from classloader. Can you post your code?
15 years ago
visio is very good tool, in fact you have the save the diagrams as gif,
which can be embedded into the html document.
If you want to find out CPU utilization of a running java application, you can use jmx. You should look at OperatingSystemMBean
15 years ago
You can try this

16 years ago
What is the business problem you are solving here?
16 years ago
I have also got the same mail. I can't believe that sun has changed the
examination pattern so much that the person who has given part I of one
exam can't appear for another.

This also means that, if by any chance I miss to buy voucher by feb 29,
I have to do double investment: buy vouchers all over again from part I,
buy new books for the new exam
To check if the socket is still alive, use something like this:

[ fixed code tags - Jim ]
[ April 28, 2007: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]
16 years ago
You need to enable SSL on the connection
16 years ago
You can use this to get the URL of the file:

17 years ago