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Recent posts by Robert , doodle

something like..
int index=textArea.getText().indexOf(searchString);
22 years ago
Solved my problemmm....
i forgot to add my popup to the TextArea
like textArea.add(popup)
and next x, y)
22 years ago
Hi there,
i want to add a popup menu to a JTextarea
but i get the error parent is null;
at te statement, x, y);
could someone tell me why my parent is Null
or isn't it possible to add a popup to a JTextArea???

thanks al lot
22 years ago
Hi there,
i have created a tree and filled the nodes from a
simple database.
Ive added a popmenu where i can add nodes
which will be inserted in the database
Now my question
when i left-click a node and add a node it works only
if the parent node does not have been collapsed...
any suggestions why the state of the sub-tree is important
when i close the node and try it again it still does'nt work...
22 years ago
hi dave,
your right...
22 years ago
Hi there,

i want to get the position of an object in the vector
like example vector contains["test", "hi", "noway"]
i want to do something like this vector.getID("hi");
is should return me the requested id....
i know i can search for it in a for loop
but i want to avoid this for loop
I could'nt find this in the vector api
can someone explain to me how i extend the vector object
and add this functionality into a myVector object???

22 years ago
create a shortcut
search for your bat file
rename the shortcut....
click on properties to set your picture

it is not a java question i think.....
22 years ago
for java ofcourse about
installing a jdbc-driver
and connecting to database with name database, user ,pass and sid......

look at sun java tutorial....