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I have class implementing Serializable

and it have a data member of type Object.

As a plain java Object is not serializable so what will happen in this case?

Only this method will not be serialized or the entire class will not be serialized?

11 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:But what is the point of catching it if you can't do anything about it?

Avoid the entire situation by fixing your build and deployment strategy.

Well doesn't that make sense to show user a bit meaningful error of what might be wrong rather throwing a full page stack trace error? So back to original question can i catch such error?
11 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:While you could catch Throwable, how would you handle such a thing? Someone changing the code out from under you isn't something that is recoverable.

well fine i cannot recover but can i at least catch such situation?
11 years ago

i have say Class1 calling a method of Class2 with signature void sayHello(String name);

i deploy the stuff to a web server where it runs fine as expected.

Now if i replace the Class2.class from server with another Class2.class where signature is void sayHello()

and now if i run the app it will break with method not found stack trace.

Can i handle such problem programmatically?
11 years ago
Hi Raj or any other rancher

could you please point me to the pdf you are taking just 2-3 post above... which is not recommeded but you find it useful..

even i m looking for something good about agile
even i am interested to know...
14 years ago
well a lot of features and functionality is provided for the integrations with rails. you can pick up resources from net and can do a start.
14 years ago
well for so many deefinition kinda stuff you can find any book or resource on net. but still to address very first question i must say that yes it does have a lot of impact. as more structure is the development and organization of code lesser will be the maintainance of code and thus cost.
14 years ago
nope there were no questions.. which were exactly repating. but yes there were 3-4 questions which hav all the options alike...
So guys today i gave my SCBCD exam.
1. too many questions from Message driven beans...
2. 1 question from timer related
3. too many query language related
4. a lot of questions on transaction attributes like what happens when it is REQUIRED, or NOT Supported in different scenarios
5. 1-2 questions related to trade-off between deployment descriptor and annotations
5. some 10 questions on security related.
6 there were quite tough questions on session beans involving one bean calling another bean and some specific requirements related to session beans.

Hope this will help..
yup mikalai notes were useful but you still need a very good conceptual understanding of EJB 3.o concepts.

I had mostly theoritical knowledge so stumpped by a lot of questions.

Best of luck
yes there is a post in on the same discussion form. it is by a rancher about his 142 experience and saying somewhere that moreover it is free. so i moved to ibm site to register and find it asking for 75 USD.
hie is exam 142 by IBM free?? if yes could you please direct me to the link as i can see some 75USD charges for the same...
my suggestion is first go to google and search some basic material read about DOM architecture. then look for the books like O'reilly publication
there is just one topic that is the inter operability between the ejb 2.1 and 3.0. which is given clearly in specs. nothing else. you can skip rest of the things comfortably.