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Recent posts by Jan Cumps

I deleted my youtube account.

If you are looking for the design: that's working now.

5 years ago
They will use it to pretend they have staff with that certificate to close a deal, while they haven't.
It's not appropriate.
For legality questions, you'd have to ask a lawyer
(might fit in the embedded forum, but it's blatant self promotion, so here it goes )

I'm participating in an industrial design contest. The challenge is to design something that has use in industrial settings and is powered by a Siemens SIMATIC IOT2020.
That IOT2020 is a Linux single board computer, hardened for industrial use.

I'm going to build a device that's living inside expensive rolling material (think bulldozer, crane, tank) and helps with:
  • preventive maintenance based on vehicle data
  • theft recovery

  • There's no social media aspect to the contest. So I don't need you to vote me or anything. But if you are interested in embedded code and the link between electronics, your input, critique and sympathy are appreciated.

    My project blog:

    I'm currently using C++ on Linux, Python and SQLite. Development happens on a Windows PC, so cross- compilation and remote debugging is covered.
    It's a fun exercise for me. But not just that. I like to think that it is a useful design in the industrial world, not just a demo.
    That's also how I treat my code. It has to be safe, sturdy and neat, in the CodeRanch spirit.

    The electronics vs software balance is approximately 50%. I'm using radios to talk to commercial networks (sigfox) that aren't often used in a pure IT context. It allows me to integrate with a company's infrastructure without mobile or WiFi connection.

    So your votes and money aren't required (I got most of the hardware for free). Your moral support will help

    7 years ago

    Randall Twede wrote:... at waterloo.

    which is a 20 minutes drive from my home...
    7 years ago
    I got results for "anything but ME" with this link (check certification tab):

    I don't have inside info from Oracle.

    Welcome to the Ranch, Mushood!

    Let's hope someone over here knows if there's an alternative for Java ME Mobile Application developer.
    I have a few BleuTooth,  WiFi and wired network related kits.
    But the ones I've had the most fun with lately are a pair of Sub-1 GHz radios: cc1310 LaunchPads that TI sent me.

    These go 100 meter and more. With an ARM microcontroller on board and a real-time operating system.
    7 years ago

    Tim Holloway wrote:

    ... The Beaglebone in the review didn't look like it had USB ports....

    It has one USB host (left upper corner in the photo of the article).
    7 years ago