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Thanks for all of the interest in our program. The response was overwhelming, and we managed to find several highly qualified candidates.
However, at this time, all of the positions have been filled many months ago. In fact, I no longer work for the same company. Please do not contact me with requests for information, or leads for jobs, as I will not be able to help!
21 years ago
Hi Lalitha
If you are a certified Java programmer, it is not to hard to find a job. For instance, if you live in the New York / New Jersey area or are willing to relocate, my company would be thrilled to speak with you! In fact, as part of a program similar to the one I joined the company under, we are looking for 25+ entry level java programmers. The main qualifications for these positions are certification in java.
So if you (or anyone else)are certified, or are nearing certification, and want more info, email me @:
<h2>These positions have been filled</h2> for several months...I really appreciate the quality of responses that this ad was able to generate. Many thanks to the JavaRanch and all of its many skilled ranch hands! The Java certification process is very valuable, and helped me greatly in my career development. Learn your rules, visit the code barn, share some campfire stories, and most of all write code day and night!
I, however, will not be able to help in any job searches from this point on.

I am a developer in central Nj area. My boss has decided in partnership with a very large 'Java friendly' company to bring aboard a large number of entry level Java programmers. The main qualification for these positions are having passed the Sun Java programmer certification exam. If, however, you have prior industry experience, and are working towards certification, you will also be considered for these positions. About a month of training will be provided, and then the plan is to introduce people on projects under capable mentors.
I was brought to the company in October under similar circumstances and have been very happy so far. The positions will be either in the Central New Jersey area or in NY.
As far as the compensation, I would imagine the starting rate could be as high as 55k+ depending on experience.
If you have any questions please email me @:
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22 years ago