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Any one need java voucher , expiry date is 19/9/2008
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15 years ago
Hi to all Ranchers,
Please tell me is Java Platform Independent, if yes so why class file need JVM to run the application.

Please clear my doubt
and thanks in Advance
Sorry Friends Its public,default
Not Not Private
Congrats ! good score
16 years ago
class Amit

public static void main(String args[])
System.out.println("Congrats! Good Score ");
16 years ago
If there is only one class in the file filename must match with that class name
irrespective of its either public,private etc.

if there is two or more classes in a file and no one is public then you can choose any class name as file name

example - if two classes in a file

you can give that file name either
i think first one is true but i don't know about second.
here is solution see comments
public class sample12 {

int x=5;
static int x,y;;

public static void main(String[] args) {

x--; //x=-1 here because before this statement x=0(default value)
System.out.println(x+y + ++x);//here (x+y ++x)(1+0+2)and prints 3

public static void myMethod(){
y=x++ + ++x; //here y=-1+1 which is zero; and x becomes 1
Yes V Gala same doubt here !
Thanks Shelemiah for yr Precious Advice
Hi Ganeshmit,

Best of Luck for your Exam.
Thanks Al Mamun
for such a Good Explanation.
Hi to all Friends,

friends,I want to Buy Exam Simulator please Suggest me which one is Best for

Thanks In Advance.
Hi to all Javaranchers,

Friend i need some links to download study notes for SCJP 5

Thanks in Advance
Hello to all of my javaranch friends,
Friends i am new to javaranch and want to do certification of both SCJP and SCWCD
Suggest me books for both and all things that need to become good java Programmer
please give your precious advice.
Some books i have For
  • Khalid
  • K&B SCJP Certification

  • For
  • Head first Servelets and Jsp.
  • Scwcd Exam study guide Learn key by David Bridgewater

  • Friends please suggest how to remind all things and tips and tricks for that.