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Recent posts by Jan Heideken

Yep, my solution seems to follow same tracks. I have a db which currently uses 'filestorage' for persisting the data. DB knows nothing about underlying schema. I also have a kind of metadata object for disconnecting physical and logical data layout. After implementing this I got a bit lazy. I think I've proved my point to get the developer title.
Sounds like a perfectly valid solution.
after developing URLYBIRD for two weeks now, I'm a bit surprised to find out how big the assingment it. Yep, I do agree that it should not be too easy either.
I have a long history with Java and I'm a professional j2ee developer. I've developed large apps with happy customers. My main skills are not in client-server and I have zero knowledge of Swing which is causing the grief.
So ... I'd expect that I would have delivered the assignment in a week or two but I'm still stuggling with the code. If it takes some weeks of a pro, there must be some who has been developing the code for a long time ... or then I'm just plain stupid.
Yep, agree. So the rules are something like this:

- Room can be reserved if date if following the 48 hour rule
- 'Owner' is empty (room can be reserved) or the value is the same as your own 'user id' (room can be unreserved).
As long as you do not violate the requirements. Read specs again and verify your plans. I'm convinced that Sun is using automated tool that uses Data.java as a starting point. You can use more creative solution in addition with Data.java, but your solution must follow the assignment.

Original task is carefully planned to make any sensible developer mad - they have succeeded well. String array is just one example. Same goes for locking.

I've chosen to use a general class for implementing db record behaviour in my 'backend' code. On top of this I have created URLYBIRD db record which has its own distinct set of features. For me Data.java is acting as a bridge between the specs and my own internal representation. For me GUI and rmi are both using Sun-format but as soon as backend-code is entered into, format is changed.
After quickly skimming the specs, I can't find any requirements about that. On the other hand, you would not excpect others to reserve the room you have already reserved. Canceling room reservation is another issue that I'm thinking myself also. That is not strictly required, but it would seem to be logical operation to avoid user typos etc.
I have interpreted the requirement:
It must allow the user to book a selected record, updating the database file accordingly

to mean that user can update record only for booking purposes. I have not implemented any relase functionality - alltough now when I start to think about it, it would make sense. In my 'backend'-code I do allow updating of any column but in UI update is limited.
Btw. Thanks for noting about customer id usage. It had totally slipped my mind.
[ January 04, 2007: Message edited by: Jan Heideken ]
UI is a bit confusing to my eye. Why have 'search'/'display all'? Latter can be dropped. Ok, I admit that this is very minor but 'Match either Name or City' uses different name that search column itself 'Hotel Location' -> 'Match either Name or Location'.
The first panel is basically search filter like the second one(btw. panel has a typo availabel -> available). Why have two distinct criterias? Should there not be one only?
[ January 04, 2007: Message edited by: Jan Heideken ]
Hy gyus. I'm strugglying through developer exam as well. As I got a lot of good ideas from here, I provide something from me. Here we go..

Missing rmi targets:

<target name="rmic" description="Run rmic to compile stubs and skeletons" depends="compile">
<rmic classname="suncertify.urlybird.rmi.URLYBIRDImpl" classpath="${classes.dir}" base="${classes.dir}" />

OK - this is not needed, but I like to do everything from ANT.

<target name="rmiregistry" description="Start up rmiregistry">
<echo message="Start up the rmi registry" />
<exec executable="rmiregistry">
<arg value="-J-classpath"/>
<arg value="-Jrunme.jar"/>
[ January 08, 2007: Message edited by: Jan Heideken ]