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Recent posts by Milan Jagatiya

Naresh Talluri wrote:Exactly, but in my case it has to load the complete data,
can you please suggest..

If this is the case. You can write some AJAX asynchronous calls to retrieve bunch of data from server. So that user can continue with data which is already loaded.
14 years ago
Thanks Jaikiran.. it works. now.. getting another error . let me fight with it otherwise will back to you

once again thanks a lot...
16 years ago
Hi all,
I am migrating my application from tomcat to JBoss. M getting below error while running JBoss.

==>> Why its not casting (
ntUserTransaction cannot be cast to javax.transaction.UserTransaction)
as ServerVMClientUserTransaction is implementing javax.transaction.UserTransaction.

[ January 29, 2008: Message edited by: Milan Jagatiya ]
16 years ago

Is this because I'm giving the xml files to the child contexts and not the parent context? have the answer ...
Yeah Jaikiran is right... you need appserv-rt.jar file in your client's classpath....
"As Long As U LOVE ME" --------->>>> BackS. Boys.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Jesus Angeles:

Because you aint got no curves.

16 years ago

Originally posted by Ajay Mathew:
Think and speak, Dont speak and think.
I feel its a good idea to
between sentences
and speak out clearly.

yeah...thats true Ajay....
16 years ago