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Recent posts by Viidhya Kishore

Thanks everyone.
Below is the code how I did it.
8 years ago
Hello all,

I have a date coming as string in yyyyMMddformat.(eg.20110810).
I would like to convert it into a String in the format, Aug. 08 2011.

Any ideas?

P.S : This is not a homework project. I need this to dislay on a jsp page.

8 years ago
Hello all,

I am new to EJB. I created a new EJB Stateless session bean.
I am trying to access ctx.getUserTransaction() and get a null pointer exception as ctx is null.

Any ideas please?

Figured it out. I replaced all \r\n with <br> and it worked.

[Edit: Disable HTML in this message]
9 years ago

I am using the AbstractMailMessageSender to send email from our application to user.
I have extended this class to include the Attachments too.

I am trying to include a signature with the email.
Unfortunately, the class doesnt have a method for signature.

I tried to send it along with the message body but I lose the line breaks and formatting.

Any help appreciated.
9 years ago
CommonTokens.RESULT_ROWS_TOKEN is just a token.
You could have it as
in ResultSetHandlerCallback
Line 44 - result.put("rows",rows);

In my dao code :
line 4 - resultSetMap.getResult().get("rows");

The reason your resultSet is coming null is because of your ResultSetMap class.
You cant have this:

This class HAS TO return a Map.

Please update this class to EXACTLY as I had written.

It should work then.
The ibatis map :

The class you need is : TypeHandlerCallBack.

I created a ResultSetHandlerCallBack class which extends the above class.

I then have a ResultSetMap class which uses the above call back class.

This is how I use it in the dao.

The ResultSetHandlerCallBack class puts the results in the form of multiple maps with colName and value as pairs. Then the row map is added to a rows list.
The ResultSetMap is needed as this class helps to get the handle for the metadata info we populated using the Handler class.

I am sure this will be enough for you.
My application has an authorization to enter.
So when I try to access my application, it prompts me for credentials the way it is supposed to.
But after entering the credentials it gives me the 403.

I cant see anything in the log.
Just says Server started.... as the last entry.
10 years ago
but that is the username it authenticates in the database.
10 years ago
Hello all,

I am trying to setup tomcat with my current source code. I downloaded the zip from tomcat site(version 6.0.32

I then put in the config file for my project in tomcatDir\conf\Catalina\localhost

I then added the users to tomcat-users.xml

When I hit my application using localhost:8080/, I get the login prompt as I am supposed to. After providing the right credentials, the tomcat throws 403 error. I am able to access the manager with localhost:8080/manager/

Any help appreciated. Stuck on this for 2 days now.


tomcat-users.xml :

<role rolename="manager"/>
<role rolename="admin"/>
<user username="admin" password="5c50nD" roles="admin,manager"/>
<user username="nih\kishorev" password="altum" roles="admin,manager"/>
10 years ago
Hello all,

I am posting html of a page from jsp and converting it to pdf at the server.
I would like to now open the file in a new window in Jsp. I have the fileName and the directory where the file resides in the jsp.

Any suggestions appreciated.

10 years ago