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Recent posts by Brian Kelly

Originally posted by Saheed Adepoju:
One can't even use jdk 1.4 even if you wanted to. I believe the 18 months rule still applies unless SUN has changed that requirement. jdk 1.5 i guess is the safest way to go now.

Yes one can.

It says "You may develop your code using any implementation of the Java 2 platform"

The 18 months rule is only for testing.

You can code it and compile it on Java 1.4 and as long as it runs (which it should of course) on java 6 JVM then you're fine.

How do I know for 100%??
Because I did mine in 1.4 a few months ago and I passed...

Just state your java version in "version.txt"...

(I did it because I do my job in 1.4 so I wanted to do the SCJD in 1.4)...

Originally posted by Kaydell Leavitt:
I can't tell you which book to get, but I'd recommend that you get one that covers Java 5.

Why? You don't have to do it in 1.5...

I have a book "The Sun Certified Java Developer Exam" but I don't really think it's worth it. Personally, I found it easier to write my own code than struggle through that book's example code...

And you can learn enough about RMI, Sockets, Synch etc from the online Sun tutorials (and this site)...

Originally posted by Mihai Radulescu:

When is the release date for the Java 1.6.0 ?
In my assignment I use the Java 1.6.0 but in the mean time the update 1 in released and I wander which one I can still use the 1.6.0 or the 1.6.1

You could use 1.3 if you wanted.

There is no requirement to use the latest Java version.

The only requirement is TO TEST it on the latest java.
[ May 17, 2007: Message edited by: Brian Kelly ]
As Rinke says.

There is no requirement for this (no "must").

I didn't implement it and I passed...
Head First Design Patterns is really really really easy to read...

If you're new to Design Patterns, get the Head First.
Depends on the exception. I did the locking and unlocking in the server so the client didn't get SecurityException (trying to update a record locked with a different cookie).
Stuff like IOException/RemoteException/RecordNotFoundException were sent to the client and issued to the user (with a JOptionPane)...

I had a small GUI for the Server. When you start the server, it allows you to change the properties (like 'db file location') and start the Server. The Server GUI then quits. To stop the GUI, the user had to Crtl-C.

Just explain it in "choices.txt"...

EDIT: do you mean software exceptions??? (i.e. exceptions from buggy code?).
I didn't do anything with them. I said in "choices.txt" that there shouldn't be any software errors so I didn't try to recover from them...anyway, hiding software errors is never a good idea...
[ April 26, 2007: Message edited by: Brian Kelly ]
There's no requirement for logging.

I didn't do any logging...
You must TEST on a new Java 2 platform (not superseded etc).

You can DEVELOP on any J2SE version.

How do I know for sure???
I passed my SCJD last month and I did it on 1.4

(All I had to do was verify that the jar works with java 6, but I compiled the jar on 1.4)...

[ April 26, 2007: Message edited by: Brian Kelly ]
I didn't know that about RAF but I used it in SCJD and passed

Your locking mechanism should ensure that two seperate threads aren't writing to the same record at the same time.

I opened and closed my file for each read or write...keeps it simple...

Do you think points will be deducted if these features are not implemented?

Nope, though points may be deducted if you do implement those features.

You get no points for extra stuff and if they don't like the way you've coded the extra stuff, you might lose points...

(I did the bare minimum that fulfilled requirements)...
Cheers...will try that...

Ah, my boss believes me, but the Competence Dept running a competition with free phones for successful completion don't...
How long does it take to get the cert in the mail?
I need it for my job...

Been around 30 days and nothing (and the SUN site says the results is Pending even though the Cert Manager site says I passed )...

You'll fail.

You can't change the interface.

I used an Adapter on top of the class implementing the interface to do what you did...

Or you could extend one of the specified Exceptions but you MUST implement the interface that you're given...

(in my proj, there were no IOExceptions so I threw non-checked exceptions for these...meaning I implmented the interface but also threw other exceptions)...
Good stuff!

Sun Cert Architect?