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Recent posts by Arad Chear


I have created JFrame by GUI builder

and there is a lot of JTextFields there
when run the JFrame the focus firstly on the first left jtextfield
but I want it: first right field also when I press Tab i want it to go right to left
and i want the cursor to be from right to left in the writing

can i do this (programmatically or by builder) ? how ?

Thanks ..
16 years ago
Thanks Campbell ,

Its work now when I totally change my Language-settings to Arabic in Vista

I think its not portable way but i hope this solve my problem ..

Thanks again
i don't think its Netbeans problem
because In my MacBook its fine to deal with Arabic Character
. but in windowd-vista it is not

I am looking for how to write Arabic in java

when I say :

Its appear like ??? in the NB console ..

I have tryed to put "file.encoding" Property to "UTf-8" but still the problem

any ideas ?
could you please clarify that the Servlet frontend technology
as i know Servlet can be backend to processing the responses and send it back to the user
16 years ago
no .
helloworld is completely new String object
and the variable 's' reassign to it

so "hello" object is not reachable its maybe not on the heap now or maybe still there ( depends on the GC )
16 years ago
you just reassign the new String Object "helloworld" to the variable 's'
the Object "hello" is lost and unreachable now


and you will see the string have not changed
16 years ago

i have solved the issue
and as you say it was Saving encoding problems

i just save it as UTF-8 and its work ..

Thanks ,,
16 years ago

i have implement client server program
client ask the server to download file
then the server send that file to the client if it exist

i create file in the server project/folder and type data on it
i can see data appear correctly on the Text editor
but when the data sent to the client its apear many ununderstandable characters followd by my original data

something like this :


\f0\fs24 \cf0 Hi\
iam on the server}
TCP connection closed ,,
Bye , Bye ..

I used BufferedReader and PrintWriter in both sides client & server

i am using Mac Leopard 10.5 with TextEdit progtam

any suggestions ?
16 years ago
Hi ,

while JVM is closed source and every java app need JVM

how we can say Java is open source ?

hope my question is clear
16 years ago

i wanna to take SCWCD in one month ,

can i take it in this small period of time or not ?
Hi Ranchers

i want to create web site to learn Unix/Linux commands
( if there is already website do that please tell me )

basically i have created JSP page to enter Unix command and then retreive the result from that command to the user

i have installed Solaris10 in my PC , but i don't know how to retreive the result to the JSP page

how i will connect JSP page with the Solaris ?

i am appreciated for any help
Thanks in Advance
16 years ago

iam interesting in HP-UX and i want to practice for commands on it
but its very expensive to buy for personal uses ,

is there any way to use it ?
by telnet or by some web sites

any information will be helpful
Thanks in advance ...
17 years ago