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Sorry about not being more specific. I ran the client app in netbeans because it very nicely will give me the error msgs.

I get connection refused as an error. on the client side

I dont have the a firewall on during the test as well.

Also, i dont get any output from the server side.

This is the connection code:

As you can see the user enters in the IP and socket that i give him.

private void setUpNetworking(){

String IPA;
String OSN;
int SN;

try {
IPA = (jTextField6.getText());
SN = Integer.valueOf(OSN).intValue();

sock = new Socket(IPA, SN);

InputStreamReader streamReader = new InputStreamReader(sock.getInputStream());
reader = new BufferedReader(streamReader);
writer = new PrintWriter(sock.getOutputStream());
jLabel8.setText("Connected to Server");
} catch (IOException ex) {


Thanks for your help
Hello all.
I was hoping the somebody could help me with this. I recently made a chat app with client and server works great on my local network. You know 2 or more clients connect to the server and chat.

However, I would like to beable to use the same app (if I can) so that a friend mine and myself can chat even though he is not connected to my network.

I tried just giving him my server info (IP and socket). I thought he might beable to connect thru his internet connection.

Anyway, it didnt work.....I am new to java and networking/internet connections thru java. So I know I must be missing somthing big.

Can this work and if so how.....

Thanks for all your help