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Recent posts by uma K

I am facing a similar insertion problem into a CLOB column in the Oracle database. If I use direct INSERT statement, the setAsciiStream works fine. But if I user stored procedure for INSERT, then it gives as Type mismatch error. The data type is declared as CLOB in the IN parameter of the stored procedure
I am using IBM WebSphere with IBM HTTP Server. But I am not able to access the sample servlets or the JSPs or EJBs. I havent changed any of the configuration settings after installation.
In the URL, if I type "http://localhost/", then I am able to see the HTTP Server home page. If I type "http://localhost/IBMWebAS/" after placing an index.html file in //WebSPhere/AppServet/web direstory, then I am able to see the index file. But if I type http://localhost/SnoopServlet or http://localhost/snoop or http://localhost/webapp/examples/HelloWorldServlet, I could not see any results other that '404 error' page.
Any help ?
21 years ago
Thanks Rohit & Suneel
I was using JDK downloaded separately for compilation and creating JAR files.
21 years ago
I Tried deploying the Enterprise beans in both ways (i) using jetace and following the steps as described by you in earlier message (ii) modifying the sample createbeans.bat and the necessary xml file for my application.
Either way I am not at all able to deploy the beans. I get the same 'Create Exception'
On the other hand I tried recompiling the sample application (HelloEJB) and creating deployable JAR file using the given createbeans.bat file. I am able to deploy the sample application without any problems.
What I have written is the standard "Hello" application with no dependencies.

21 years ago
I am facing the same problem. So I tried using the command that you had mentioned without dot (.). But I got an error JSRemoteConverterHome class not found. I changed this to JSRemote<My bean name>Home. But the problem still remains.
Any help??

Originally posted by Suneel Setlur:
[B]Deploying EJBs in WebSphere, according to the documentation,
is possible 2 ways. Using the IDE VisualAge from IBM or
by creating a jar file of the Home,Remote and the bean class files and input it to the "jetace" batch file of WebSphere.
Jetace starts the IBM deploy tool which creates a a second jar
file which is fed input to the IBM console EJB deployer.
Where after the process I get an error :

The error here is a dot(.) which appears before EJSRemoteConverterHome in the rmic command.
If I copy the entire command to the command prompt and remove the dot(.) it compiles and gives me all the stubs and skeletons,tie files etc.
Could you please help me out.
[This message has been edited by Suneel Setlur (edited January 26, 2001).][/B]

21 years ago