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Recent posts by Roger Graff

My theory is that the entire show is the daydream of the cheerleader ..... and that Max finally got a TV.
17 years ago
Okay - here's the culprit:

TimeZone timeZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone( "GMT-5" );
18 years ago
Hmmm. I made the following changes and it seems to be working. Shame on me for not using the interface in the first place!

TimeZone timeZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone( "GMT-5" );
Locale locale = Locale.US;
GregorianCalendar calendar = new GregorianCalendar( timeZone, locale );


Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
18 years ago
Here's the output:

Sunday, 03/27/2005 is the 1st day of the week!
Monday, 03/28/2005 is the 2nd day of the week!

Sunday, 04/03/2005 is the 1st day of the week!
Monday, 04/04/2005 is the 1st day of the week!

Sunday, 04/10/2005 is the 7th day of the week!
Monday, 04/11/2005 is the 1st day of the week!

Press any key to continue . . .
18 years ago
Anyone want to guess why the first day of the week is changing on me?

[ June 28, 2005: Message edited by: Roger Graff ]
18 years ago
The Evans book talks about the importance of linking the Domain model to the code. He also offered a comparision of 2 systems. One had started with a domain model, but the design deviated from it as the development team built the system. The second system was built by jumping into the code w/o much design activity. His conclusion was that over time both systems were a lot alike and eventually unmaintainable.

I think what Evans is saying is that the domain model is of little value unless it grows with the design of the system (changes made during implementation / TDD).

I'm curious how challenging it is to maintain a domain model that accurately reflects both the domain and the actual system architecture.
[ December 03, 2004: Message edited by: Roger Graff ]
The little I've read about each has lead me to believe that DDD is similar to a top-down approach vs the TDD bottom-up approach.

DDD = design first?
TDD = design on the fly?
[ December 02, 2004: Message edited by: Roger Graff ]
Can anyone comment on how these 2 design strategies can work together? It seems either strategy might lead a system down a different road. Has anyone out there successfully combined these strategies?

I'm completely obsessed with this! The shadow of the Eiffel Tower is much easier to spot than the tower itself. You can also see people standing in the Vatican Square!

I actually think I'm going to ask Santa Claus for a subscription! Speaking of which, wouldn't that be funny if they put a sleigh at the North Pole!
19 years ago
Everyone I know who has purchased one of these swears by them.

If you're in the states you can check'em out first hand at Brooks Brothers.
19 years ago
I would recommend:

Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky
UML for Java Programmers by Robert Martin
Agile Software Development by Robert Martin
Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets by Michael Bosworth
19 years ago
Don't let some egomaniac (the interviewer) discourage you. If you're spending *any* free time studying Java, I'd say you have passion to learn.

The challenge with starting a project for the sole purpose of learning is that it's difficult to come up with a problem to solve (i.e. the domain).
Try to think about something practical that you could use in your daily activities. For instance, you could write a program to track how much you eat per week. Or maybe a system to track how much time you spend doing individual tasks at work (good for tracking time wasted gabbing with that annoying tech lead in Meaningless Drivel ).

The fact is, you will be fighting an uphill battle finding a job with your qualifications. That aside, I think if you could complete a small project in your own time and could effectively talk about it during an interview you will land a job. It might not be the highest paying to start with, but you will have your foot in the door.
19 years ago
ARGO UML *might* have this feature. A definite maybe.

[ November 10, 2004: Message edited by: Roger Graff ]
19 years ago
Have his doctor prescribe him Wellebrutrin (aka "Zyban"). It's an anti-depressant that has been found to help people quit smoking. I used it to quit and haven't smoked in over a year. The drug makes cigarettes taste funny, and cuts the cravings in half. It won't make smoking unbearable for someone who doesn't want to quit, but it will make quitting bearable for someone who does want to quit.
19 years ago