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Recent posts by Adithya Menon

Hi Niru,
I think your Department class is getting default values during the object Creation.
After saving Department object try to load it again before setting into employee object then only primary key will be present.
Congratulations GREAT WORK
Sorry for troubling.I got hold of ServletContext directy from HttpSession.
Thanks for the reply.
15 years ago
Can a class at the same time be a Servlet and a Listener.If so how they should be described in the DD.
public class ManageSession extends HttpServlet implements HttpSessionListener{//code here}
15 years ago
thanks Jyothi for the information.I will follow the book from now Onwards.
will you please give me your mail id?I will be greatful.
how much time in the world is enough to complete the DavidBridgeWater book if you are intelligent with sharp memory(provided knowing the HeadFirst?)
Is it a must to get good score?
congratulations for the great score
instance variable are shared by all the threads.unlike the localvariables they are not thread safe.
Hi friends,
I need to upload image file to webserver(and save it) from the
webbrowser using struts.Please help
thanks in Advance
15 years ago

please dont mock him satou...
people are really possessive and emotional about the sun's accessories...

I agree with this(SCJP1.4 96.7%)
thanks Sahul.thanks a lot for your advice
Are you made of Flesh and Blood? Please tell how you kept your
cool in all these.Tension for the Voucher Expiring?Is it a good driving force on you Mr ?