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Recent posts by Minhaj Mehmood

Good Morning Everyone,

Any recommendation for Groovy/Grails best practices? Regards -

12 years ago
I'm not sure about java-champ but there are rumors the actual exam is always easier than mock exams. like ExamLab and JQPlus if you manage to get 80% in their mock exams than I'm sure you'll be able to hit 100% in actual exam.
In actual exam you'll always find the options like choose one/two or whatever.
13 years ago
find() => Attempts to find the next subsequence of the input sequence that matches the pattern.
matches() => Attempts to match the entire region against the pattern.

for details check java.util.regex.Matcher class documentation.

hope this helps

In my times they provided water bottle them self plus a pen(which i replaced on request with a pencil) and a white A4 blank paper.


Following is my code:

13 years ago
Hi All,

I'm using java.net.URI#getHost() method to extract the top level domain from an URL.
but this method is failed to extract the TLD of such URLs "http://www.schönesdresden.de/resources/internet.2jpg.jpg" It's failed due to umlaut "ö" in it.

Please Advise.
13 years ago
Yeah, What a great achievement!! You're simply Awesome keep up the good work Boy ;)
13 years ago

If you're already professional in the field of programming I would recommend you go through the K&B Guide at least 2 times and attempt some ScjpMockTests create a study plan and stick on it, always try to share your doubts here with us.

Hope this helps

Hi All,

I've a table where I store URL and It's download HTML so far there are total 8 lac rows in this table but the performance of select query is very poor. If i execute following query it takes several minutes to return result.

SELECT * FROM html_table WHERE url = "http://www.mydomain.com/mypage/"

Please let me know what should i do to prevent such issues? I've created index on url column the performance is now somehow better! but is this the viable solution? to put index on varchar type of column?

Kind Regards