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Recent posts by naresh pasnur

Thanks guys for your responses.
The hot deployment is enabled on that server instance and that is ruled out.
The reason why I'm using Jboss4.0.2 and not recent versions because upgrading it involves too much complications.
I work for a company and they have many websites hosted on this server. They have to keep their websites up and running 24/7.
I haven't tried with Peter's suggestion yet but will do it tonight when the traffic is less.
What's is the sequence of steps when a timestamp on web.xml is changed ?

11 years ago
This is something related to Jboss class loading mechanism.
Does anyone know where does in the jboss server, the information regarding loading of the classes of the .war is specified ?
I have to restart jboss whenever I make changes to the classes of the webapp.
11 years ago
It's not in the IDE. It's on a linux server.
This is my folder structure:
Restarting the server redeploys the webapp but I don't want to restart every time I make a change to the webapp.
Touching the webapp normally redeploys the webapp.
11 years ago
Touching or changing content in the web.xml file of my webapp is not redeploying the webapp.
Can someone please help me with this issue ?

thanks in advance.
11 years ago
i am retriving data from the database & placing it in JTable.
I want 2 generate invoice(i.e. hard copy) of the data in JTable.
There is abstract class PrintJob & its abstract methods.But i am not understanding how 2 implement them & get my job done.
Can anyone throw some light on this.
Help appreciated!!!

naresh pasnur
20 years ago
All JCPS i am developing an application in JAVA for 2/3 companies.I am having a problem regarding "printing(removing hard copy)" to take a print from a
frame.We r badly in need of the code.Even we have gone through the PrintJob class & all its methods but we don't know that how 2 implement
them.So,it is better u send the detail code.
reply me urgently
thanks in advance
20 years ago
Thank u all javaranchers.
Want 2 share some experience.I got 2 questions which had none of the options right & i was asked to check 2 of them.So,i checked 2 options which were near 2 correct.But in the end they were considered wrong.I think so sun are not aware of that.They shouldn't include like that questions.
Anyway my advice to those preparing scjp is that,
Khalid moghul's book is one of the best books we have.
JQPlus & Jwhiz can boost your confidence.
and of course above all JAVARANCH is the best tool to clear your doubts.

21 years ago
Unbeliveable score!!!
Hard work always pays & ur score has proved it.
Heartly congratulations 4 ur achievement!
Certainly u will be my inspiration & also 2 others who r going
2 give scjp in near future.Many of the buddies might want 2 share ur experience.
So,if u really have some time,prepare 1 mock exam & include the
questions which u feel r very imp.That would really help our java-ranch family.
Once again congrats & good luck 4 ur future.
naresh pasnur
21 years ago
Congrats on passing scjp.
I am unable to access the url which u have mentioned
Anything wrong with the address.
Curious 2 know the ques of ur exam proj.Please help!!!
21 years ago