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Recent posts by Deepan Devadasan

Mark is correct...

you can use obfuscators....

But you gotta also understand the consequences it can create based on the level you are looking at...

E.g. Less readability
16 years ago
Congrats Sirisha

Its always a great experience
16 years ago
Hey Mark..

I also thought to put this under Cert Results, but since forum's title read as'Sun Cert...', i had to make it into the other thing, Meaningless...

Anyway thanks for the move
16 years ago
Well buddy there are two things...

The toughness itself is not in par with SUN exam (I am not gonna argue whether you need that sort of toughness really...)

But this is how i rate it..

In some SUN exam that level of toughness really puts you are competent enough and to be a thinker in the exam seat...

Other thing with MS is, even the leaked out exams are in the real exam database...

Some of the mocks i tried to gear up for the exam were really there....

Hope i did clarify you on my comments
16 years ago
Hey folks...

Its really different experience to announce about .Net flavour in Javaranch...

At the end of the day its about knowledge that makes sense in the end...

Its too early for me comment the good and bad of the .Net technology...

But i think i should gives some words to those who are going to do .Net may be someone like me - after Java....

I used the Microsoft MCTS self study book for .Net Framework 2.0 Application Development Framework...

I should say the MS has come up with a syllabus that has good depth compared to that of SCJP... Because .Net syllabus is not just about language fundamentals, it even goes on to talk about, Installation, Configration Management, Security and Encryption, Debugging, Logging, Emailing, Reflection and stuff like that... In that front i rank the 70-536 exam as a better thing compared to SCJP.. It feeds you more things you need to know as a developer in the respective platform..

As far as the exam is concerned its a joke with MS... No where near SCJP...

So dont be fooled when someone says 'Dude I got through .Net', especially someone like me.... hehehe

Even for a Java guru, i feel MS development is a must to examine avenue

16 years ago
Ransika makes a good poinnt...

In J2ME it is about being an efficient programmer rather than being a mere Java Guru..

Other than that MIDP high level UI development seems easy and interesting...
But in reality it is a good thing to start learning the low level Canvas stuff if you wanna be a star in the industry front...

Good luck with J2ME
16 years ago
Hi Thala,

Great break in your career....

You gotta get us case of beer man....!

Next you should do the exams in the developer level...

Keep goin man...
16 years ago

Has anyone tried to play a WMA file in J2ME..

As of my feeling there is need to do encoding of decoding of the format..

16 years ago

I have come across a need to move the MIDP application from the untrusted domain to trusted domain..

I have some mixed understanding about the whole process..

Can someone provide me an overall view of the process..

And what is Java Verification Process... and the role in the Signing of the the MIDLet...

Thanks in advance

16 years ago
Hi folks,

I dont think i will do crash for the web services exam also in the near future..

We all know there is no HF for it..

Can someone suggest me the most appropriate book based on the current Java version...

For those who are interested in doing EJB 3.0, there is a book on the in PDF format.. But that is something like, that deals with EJB 3.0 specifics and not the entire history..I think Session beans are less covered if i am correct
16 years ago
great work dan!

16 years ago
Hi friends,

Thanks for all the beer bugs...

I am in fact a little dozed by them :-)

Thanks folks once again..
16 years ago
Hi folks...

It was yet another, great moment in my Java career..

As usual HFEjb was a great piece for the exam's preparation...

Solely with the help of this book I was able to grab the technology within 17days...

In terms of question practice i did 40 odd out of 100 questions for an hour or so... This was really helpful....

Further i covered the mock questions in HFEjb in learning mode...

As far as short notes are concerned i didnt make my personal notes this time around... I made use of JavaBelt short notes which was really short and sweet..

For me i was satisfied more than any other Java exam, as the studies for the exam were merely supplementary to my full time work as a Software Engineer..
In fact three quarter of my studies was during traveling to and from office...

For those who are out there as potential exam takers, my testimonial is not the best to learn things from...Ideally it should much more structured...

All the best...

16 years ago

When and Who registers the JNDI name for a given bean which we later during th e look- up...

Is it stated anywhere in the DD by the bean provider..
hi folks,

In the EJB 2.0 spec it is stated EJBs shouldnt access Security Policy Info?

What does this really mean ?

Thanks in advance