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use this :

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14 years ago
Thanks for your advice Paul !
1. After having 10 years of solid J2EE exposer, SCEA will only help you to brush-up the knowledge and it will be just a add-on to the resume.

2. After 10 years of exp, SCEA will not help you to get a better job, rather your experience will surely help.

3. If you are thinking of doing MS or SCEA after 10 years, then you should go for MS, after all SCEA is not a degree.

4. New version of Exams (SCEA 5), specially the upgrade exam will surely help you to get confidence on new technologies.

5. SCEA is like an ornament, which is showy and precious. It not only helps us to gain confidence on what we know but also helps us to get better opportunely and attract employers.

6. SCEA is not a mark to identify our knowledge.

7. Certifications are helpful in its own way all the time. I know many sun certified professional who are worse than college student.

8. If you have completed 10 yrs and confused on what exactly to do next in future probably GMAT\CAT is much better answer than SCEA.

probably i am the odd man out here as i just have 3.5 yrs of exp.I had started coding in 1996, when i was 13 yrs old kid. Only one i believe, Certification only shows the way, does not drive us. Its absolutely upto us whether to walk through that way or not.
thanks a lot for your suggestion
Could you please help me to choose the right books for SCEA5.
I found this link (below) has the list of books but i believe the list is quite big to cover and does not cover all the sections.


For all other sun exams i found selective books in java ranch except SCEA5. I have completed 4 sun exams, have worked on JSF,Hibernate projects also read many books related to design patterns including Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies (2nd Edition).

Presently i am studying for SCEA 5 and totally confused with the books i need to study. I believe many of us also having the same problem. Could anyone please let us know the books,notes we need to study for SCEA5.

Thanks in advance !!!
MZ, xyzws & Whizlabs is enough for xml ....
(Dont forget to study RMH )
[ February 21, 2008: Message edited by: Abhisek Jana ]
Today i have passed the exam with 84%. Questions was tricky.

Thanks to all java ranchers and MZ,RMH,Whizlabs for helping me.
14 years ago
Today i cleared SCDJWS with 84%... thanks to all ranchers ....
I have used the following -
1. RMH book
2. MZ Notes & Quiz
3. Blue Prints (Chapter 3,4,8)
4. xyzws
5 Whizlabs Exam

As per my experience this exam is a bit different than the SCJP, SCWCD & SCBCD. There was no question on APIs, i didnt even get common questions.All the materials, books and sample exams helped me a lot. Study everything in & out to get a good score boz questions was not straight forward.

Hope this will help others.
I am preparing for SCJWSD exam ... i read the RMH and have one question to the ranchers ....

In UDDI Chapters of RMH the 'WSDL message and portType Definitions' has been given ... is this really needed for the exam? as its hard to remember all the WSDL for each and every type.

Thanks in advance,
Abhisek Jana
Thanks a lot Karthik .. i have taken the print out of the notes and will finish the UDDI on July 4th ... thanks again for you Suggestion.
I am studying for the webservice exam and found that UDDI is really boring ... i m reading the RMH...
is it advisable to skip the UDDI Data Structure, Inquiry API & publishing API and continue on JAX-RPC ?
thank you,
i prepared for 15-16 days .. after office hours ...
i feel this exam is much easier than SCJP & SCWCD.
14 years ago
Hi all,
I cleared SCBCD for J2EE 1.3 with 95% today in US.

Thanks a lot to Kathy & Bert for writing such a wonderful book. You really make the exam real easy.
I also used Whizlabs SCBCD exam simulator and its also helped me a lot to find my weakness.
Thanks everyone and thanks �Ranch�
14 years ago
Could you please tell me the list of specs(with version) required for SCWCD Exam, I am little confused to select the specs.
thanks in advance.