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Recent posts by Bob Graffagnino

After doing a bit of research, I've discovered that there isn't a "JDeveloper exam", however there is a Java Developer curriculum on Oracle's site:
Okay, I reviewed the roadmap. Looks like the next step for me is IBM's OOA/D with UML.
How about Oracle's JDeveloper exam for step 3. I would be interested in that test, but I am under the impression that Oracle is no longer offering that test.
Can anyone tell me more about the JDeveloper exam?
I am also wondering which certification to pursue.
Sun Web Components?
Some sort of Oracle cert?
Well, here's my situation. I was laid off 3 weeks ago and I want to use my free time constructively. I have 2 years of professional experience writing server side Java components. It seems like potential employers are looking for people with Java experience and Oracle, Websphere, Weblogic, XML, etc. So I would like to focus on somethng that will make me more marketable. I have a great deal of interest in system design/architecture, but I think I should focus on the above mentioned technologies first.
21 years ago
I got 3 or 4 AWT questions when I took the exam last week, so I would definately study those chapters.
I found that all the AWT and IO questions were pretty easy though.
I was thinking the Oracle JDeveloper exam? Does anyone have any information on this? Is there a different Oracle exam I should take instead?
How about a Weblogic or Websphere certification?
Or maybe the SCWCD?
21 years ago
I have a friend who told me that the SCJD exam did not help him a whole lot. He told me I should take the SCWCD first.
21 years ago
Thanks guys! Rick R. was right about the Threads/IO/AWT questions being easy. There seemed to be a lot of questions on Overriding/Overloading/Inheiritance! Be sure to code a lot of these types of examples!
I coded 2 of the questions today that, during the test, I had changed my original answer as I reviewed before finishing.
One question was originally answered wrong and I changed it to the correct answer. Hooray!
The second question was oringally correct, but I changed it to something else. Grrr...
Oh well. I'm not going to dwell on it anymore! In fact, I think I'll go update my resume!
[ February 15, 2002: Message edited by: Bob Graffagnino ]
21 years ago
Well, I was hoping to get above an 80%, but I suppose a 79% is good enough. The test was challenging in areas I wasn't expecting and easier in other areas.
Here's the break down:
Declarations and access control: 75%
Flow control and exception handling: 85%
GC: 100%
Language fundamentals: 77%
Operators and assignments: 71%
Overloading, overridding, runtime type, object orientation: 71%
Threads: 85%
java.awt: 75%
java.lang: 50%
java.util: 100% 100%
Compare that to my best JQ+ score (70%, standard test #8):
misc: 75% 50%
java.util: 50%
java.lang: 75%
java.awt: 60%
Thread: 83%
Overriding/overloading: 100%
operators and assignments: 80%
Language fundementals: 87%
GC: 100%
flow control and exception handling: 33%
Declarations and access control: 62%
One thing annoyed me about the test center. I got there 45 minutes early to review my notes and get settled. The receptionist directed me to their break room where I could study and have internet access. Since I don't have a watch on, I go by the time on their PC. My exam is at 2:15pm, so at 2:12pm I collect my things and go back to the receptionist's desk. As she's checking my ID, she mentions that I'm cutting it kind of close since they close at 4:30pm. "No problem, the exam is only 2 hours", I reply. Then I see a clock on the wall that says 2:45pm. Yes, the PC's clock was 30 minutes SLOW! Grrr. I finished 30 minutes early, but only reviewed for 10-15 minutes thinking they were going to kick me out at 4:30pm. How annoying!
Thanks to everyone here for answering my many questions, especially Valentin!
21 years ago
The test center only had internet access in their break room. No such luck in the examination room. I passed BTW with a 79%. I'll write more in the Certification results forum.
I'm at the test center now, so I didn't have access to a compiler. I may as well get this over with <gulp!>.
Is it possible to have a class with 2 constructors that take an int. One is public and the other is private.
class MyClass{
public MyClass(int i){}
private MyClass(int i){}
I suppose objects are immutable, not classes. Since the Math class cannot be instantiated, the answers to my original question is - NO!
Is the Math class considered immutable?