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Recent posts by J Vallejo

Even if you just prepared for the old version of the exam (which is my case as well), I think there is still a big chance to pass the exam since most of the questions still applies to the old version. We all made great efforts in preparing and undertaking the exam, let's just all be happy that we were able to pass it.
Will the two exam versions co-exist for a period of time before the old version is scrapped out?
Anyone have any idea when SCEA 5 will be officially released?
anyone knows the official release date, or month when can I expect it?

Hi Johanna,

We adopt scrum in our organization. Should it be really a daily practice? And how much time should we limit our scrum session (with 10 members)?
Hi Dmitry,

I checked out the what's new section of version 7 and I really like what I saw. The features were exactly what we use in our projects (spring, hibernate, web services, etc...). Feature-wise, I think this version of Idea is great, but one thing which concerns me more is performance. How does it perform when multiple related projects are open (say 15 projects), and while tomcat is running in debug mode? We currently use Eclipse, I must say that delays are quite noticeable when multiple projects are open. If Idea can perform better in this scenario, I'll definitely propose to using it in our organization.
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Originally posted by Daniel Amadei:
Hi All!

But I was quite well with this as this was the 3rd beta exam I was taking and I left comments in lots of questions.


Would it affect your exam results if you left only a few questions or none at all? Just wondering....

Originally posted by Adam Czysciak:

And you seemed to be surprised about it Someone registered for you? You must have known the beta exam rules before scheduling, anyway.

I can't help but agree man.
Immediately after you end the exam, you will be informed that it will take 6 to 8 weeks before you get notified of the results. Which leads me to ask, what if you took the exam on Oct 22 and after 8 weeks, on Dec 22, you were notified that you actually passed the exam. But then, the beta period for SCEA part 2 starts on Nov 21 and ends on Dec 26, leaving you less time to work on the assignment. Does anyone have a better understanding on this?
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It seems a lot of guys around here are scheduled for Oct. 22. Well good luck.. I wish I could add more pointers about the exam, but a lot was already mentioned here in javaranch...and they did appear many times in the exam... So I guess.... I can just try to help by offering some suggestions on the how side of taking the exam...

Don't try to answer each question immediately, instead, try to categorize it first in terms of difficulty. If it is too difficult, mark it down and skip it. If you think you are going to spend a lot of time with the question, skip it. If this means skipping 50% of the questions then so be it. The main reasons why I chose this approach is that, if you try to answer every difficult question that come your way, you tend to get tired/drained easily (information overload), loose morale (specially if tough questions came in a sequence), and lastly, you tend to assume/interpret/mistake easy questions as tough questions (because somehow you tend to generalize the exam as too difficult). Being said, the rule I followed is "answer the easy ones first." Do a lot of skipping, until you reach the last question. This way, you get to have a feel of the overall exam. Another advantage of answering the easy ones first is that it builds up your confidence and morale which can help you answer the more difficult questions later. Anyways, this is just my approach... I'm just sharing... Still it's a good thing to follow whatever works for you...

Also, don't forget to take a break. They will allow you to take a break but your timer will continue to tick. It's ok, believe me, four hours is more than enough in the exam. During the break, don't think about the exam. Just try to clear your mind. It's easier to answer questions more correctly with a clear mind and when you are not under pressure.

I'm so thankful I was able to participate in the SCEA 5 Beta exam (whether I pass or fail, but of course it's better if I pass) for it helped me identify my weak areas. Many thanks to Sun


Good luck to all of us.

P.S. Any more ranchers who were able to register? My last count was 18, that includes me. If you haven't done so, please simply reply here.
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Originally posted by Baskar Tiruchy:
Hi vallejo

thank you very much .I rescheduled to OCT 22. I talked to prometric and they said its a system error..thanks for your guidance.

Appreciate your help

No probs and good luck!
Any more ranchers who was able to register for SCEA 5? Please post here. Thanks!

Originally posted by Darya Akbari:

I see 4. But we could also combine the Client Tier with the Web Tier into one Presentation Tier and it would be 3 . So it depends on how you define 3 tier or 4 tier.

Does this mean the exact number of tiers in a particular architecture can depend on one's perspective? In some cases maybe, but I don't think you can see the Client Tier and the Web Tier as one (seeing it as one presentation tier), I believe these two would always be considered as two separate tiers. Same thing goes with a web server and an application server, you can put both in one machine yet still they count as two separate tiers.

This is just my opinion folks... I welcome any corrections...
hmmm... interesting. Can you provide the link please.
Hi ranchers,

Do you know what's the average age (in your country) for a starting java architect?

Am I correct in my impression that java architects are usually in their 30's and up?
15 years ago
If this is true, does it also holds true for n-tiers, only with an additional application server component?

If this is not the case, can you set some examples of a 3-tier or an n-tier architecture that does not involve a browser and a web server?
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