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Recent posts by Chinni Bujji


Did anyone write Brainbench struts certification?

I am planning to take it soon

Can anyone tell me which book is good for this exam or any preparation material that I must follow ?

I have worked on struts for more than 2 years

Thanks in advance
10 years ago

Thats the tag i am using how can i set the parameters to this viewerName because if i do the above code it takes me to the parameter page on the BO server
but i am already capturing the parametes and setting them like this

the parameter fields are already in there in the session but why doesnt the tag <crviewer:viewer> tag takes them and gives me the report embeded in the jsp
please help

thanks in advance

I added this code in the web.xml and i placed the crystal-tags-reportviewer.tld in WEB-INF

and in jsp i coded like this

but it gives an error saying URI taglib is missing
Hi All,

I have thread, in the run method of the thread i have a while loop which continuously runs to query the database to get new records from the table
but when i am interrupting the thread using thread.interrupt() it is killing my database connection

any ideas please help
thanks in advance

In my web application i have started some threads
There is a start button which starts the thread there is a stop button which stops the thread
But if the user goes away without clicking the stop button the threads are hanging there with a continuous refresh interval

So i need some mechanism which i can stop those threads when the user goes away from that page
or if the user closes the browser then i need to stop all the running threads

please help me with some code or some ideas
any ideas are appreciated

I am trying to send output to the JSP by using the JEXCEL technique
but i am not able to do it please help

I wrote the following code and after that what do i need to do in the JSP to view this excel sheet

is it the right way i am creating the workbook
that is is it the right parameter that i am passing in the createworkbook method

please help
11 years ago
I have a thread running in a jsp
I have a button which clicked will start the thread and a stop button to stop the thread

but if the user forgot to click the stop the thread button and if the user closes the browser the thread is still running
so i want to know if there is any mechanism which i can use to capture the user activity and stop the thread

thanks in advance

If we close the browser window can we write the code to stop the thread that was running on that page
Any ideas on this how to correlate the user actions


Yes Eric I am using the key press event
I changed it to keydown but how do i cancel that event and focus

Hello the following javascript works fine in Internet Explorer but it does not work in Firefox

Can you please help

I have the following javascript to tab to the next input box on tab/period
which works fine in Internet Explorer
but in Firefox the . also shows in the input box becoz i am not able to skip the keycode 46 in firefox

please help me on this

I have a thread which refreshes every 60 seconds and checks if there is content in the log file

so i want to refresh my html/jsp page the amount of time and reload the html/jsp with the new content added
if i refresh(f5) from the browser it works fine

can anyone give suggestion how to refresh automatically

I have the following code

I added the div because i wanted the scrollbar against the table, it works fine in FF but in IE the table is getting pushed down so much

Please advice