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since Feb 02, 2007
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Recent posts by Karthick Thiagarajan

hi all,I am new to Hibernate,i want to know is there any certification for hibernate so that i can prepare as well i will give a certification..
please tell me if there is any info...

congratulations and all the best for your future
Hey don't worry about the Mock test results, exam questions will be much easier than those, even i failed in coffee cream exam..so don't worry. if you studied HFSJ each and every line, then go ahead and give the exam you will get good score..But don't postpone your exam date..

All the best
I have Cleared SCWCD1.5 with 95% .... Thanks to all Ranchers,
Thanks to Kathy,Bryan,Bert HSFJ rocks... Thanks to Marc for his short&sexy Design pattern notes I got 100%.
Congratulations Amit..i am going to write the exam on 25th...
can you please share your experience it will be helpful for me..

Hi all,

I have a doubt,If a <body-content> tag is declared empty you can't put any thing in the body of the tags except <jsp:attribute.../>.
its mentioned in HSFJ that <jsp:attribute> tags don't count as body content..
why is it so? could any one please tell what might be the reason? why its not considered as a body? what would be the purpose of this?

Thanks in advance.

I think the default scope is page so there is no need to add that right? but here the person attribute is stored in request scope right?
hi guys can any one clear my doubt?

public class Test
public static void main(String[] args) {
int i= 1;
System.out.println("the value of i=" +i);


Answer is 2

why the incremented values are not assigning to 'i'?

thanks in advance..
Hey congrats man...

thanks a lot for sharing your experience..its really great