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Thanks Christophe , it is working now.

Thanks Ulf Dittmer, i will now see log in case of such problems.


I have created a small test web application with sevlet, jsp and filter but when i deploy it on tomcat, it is not gettng started. If i delete filter configuration from web.xml, evertyhing else runs fine.

Could someone suggest me where i am mistaken, see below my web.xml

my filter class gets complied fine and it is there in proper folder within WEB-INF\classes. below is the code for the filter class

Thanks in advance

There is no defined attribute called "One" so it will be treated as zero in arithmatic operations.
With my exp. from some hectic project in past.....

One can work for longer hours 16+ for some days (EVEN 10-12 days to meet deadline) but performance keep degrading after 8-10 hours and become 50% after that.

Study is more harder than working on some tech problem in critical pressure. may be possible for someone very dedicated studying for 3 days this way but rather 16 hrs i feel 12 hours with proper plan and targets will be sufficient. more long hours can be harmful ....

Thoughts? Marcus
Raghavan Muthu,

First you need to have a look at the naming policy (second para, last sentence).
Either one of them should be there but using only TYPE fail if the attribute doesn't exist but using only CLASS works (Why see their purpose). That's why TYPE is considered OPTIONAL.
It's really great. i have saved it.
what error yu seeing, is everything in proper place..
Marc, could you please send it to me. I plan to appear in SCWCD in Jan end. Thanks
use classpath attribute to locate servlet-api.jar in order to compile your servlet e.g.

javac -classpath <path to the lib folder of tomcat server>/servlet-api.jar/

Well this point should be learned first when you are going to write your first servlet. A web server understand a web application and its element by its web.xml. For your info following is a brief explanation.

Look this ...

- <servlet-mapping>

<Servlet-lass> has been assigned a new name <servlet-name> in the <servlet> tag and for that particular name is mapped in <servlet-mapping> tg to a <url-pattern> so all the url ending with that specific url will be handled by the mapped servlet. that's all.

For more info try google, search your book this explanation must be mentioed somewhere.
There should a xml file called web.xml where servelet mapping tag will be mentioned. Check in WEB-INF folder.
check the log file in the logs folder
Your jsp isn't able to resolve the context parameter mentioned in web.xml. Is this file created correctly?

Just check the extension of web.xml, correct. Look in the file if any other error. retsart server.