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Recent posts by Kalyan Anand

ok so I should gather the request parameters using javascript and when the user clicks on submit the same must be using to place the new request .. correct ?
In my application I would not know what all things the end user chooses so it is not a static url for the hyper link. that is the reason why i need to keep on adding all the parameteres the user chooses. any thoughts ?
I have a JSP page. On that page I display hyper links. When the user clicks on a hyper link it must pass on parameter besides whatever the URL currently carries. If my current status of url is http://localhost/MyApp/test?teststring=hello and I click on the hyperlink shown on this page it the url must be http://localhost/MyApp/test?teststring=hello&urlstring=testing. which appends the parameter to the existing parameters

If I give the url href parameter as urlstring=testing my url becomes http://localhost/MyApp/test?urlstring=testing and I am losing tghe other parameter. how can i achieve this ?

thank you
On average what duration with a company is considered stable and not treated as job hopping ?
14 years ago
I got my credit card blocked and until I get a new one I carry my debit cards. I wanted to do some online shopping with my credit card but as I dont have it anymore... I'll have to rely on my debit cards. Unfortunately... they have transaction limit on per day basis.

1. Is it possible to do online shopping with debit card and mention the retailer to draw the half the money in one and half the money in second transaction / shopping using multiple debit cards ?
2. What do you think are the other options for me ?
14 years ago
Same question - whether Laptops and camcoders are cheaper for Christmas or Post Christmas and before New Year ?
14 years ago
Any answers on this one ???
14 years ago
I have the following code in JSF which displays a Settings URL . The URL needs to be hiiden when the parameter is null.

I was thinking about the best approach to do it. The obvious and easitest approach I see is using JSP <c:if>. Any thoughts on how this can be pertformed with other mechanisms and which one is considered better appproach ?

14 years ago
I want to develop a discussion forum ... similar to javaranch...for learing experience. please suggest what i should use in which layer... i know that the basic mvc must be followed but should i access the database from jsp using some taglibs or i better access db using servlets ?

any hints on getting started will be quite useful.
14 years ago
I have a html where I used href to point pdfs... these pdfs are placed under webpplication folder in tomcat.

when the user clicks on this href link... the pdf content is shown in the browser with some junk chars.... all I want is when user clicks on the href... it should ask the user to save/open dialog.. the option which we generally see on any website in downloading pdfs.

any help ?
14 years ago

I got selected for a very reputed IT firm... they sent me the soft copy of the offer letter yesterday and issued the hard copy today. The soft copy of the offer letter is a pdf file - it contains the offer text and signature of the department head.... but it is not digitally signed.

I went to collect the hardcopy offer letter today... and to my surprise the hardcopy was a printout of the same pdf on their letter head - even the signature and the offer text was just a dot matrix printer printout. I never had such an experience where people called a nondigital signature prinout as an offer letter. When I asked the hr they said they always issue the same for every one... and it is legally valid offer letter. I am surprized now... on one hand I am interested in this company.. but at the same time.. I wonder about the legality of this document... Can I treat this as an offer and resign in my company ?

Thanks in advance
14 years ago
Like many other software engineers I put on weight... and belly . I plan to work on exercise so I wanted to know how much time you spend on exercise. Initially.. I plan to start with dumbbells... I am actually planning to reduce weight and build muscles

Suggestions from you guys are most welcome.
14 years ago
I have to implement a singleton in Java 5+ environment. Is there more efficient implementation or some better practice other than DCL ?
In the producer consumer problem.. we have multiple producer and multiple consumer threads.. so here is a question

1. Producer fills up the content and raises notify()

2. As notify was used it invoked a Producer thread
3. Producer realizes that the list isNotEmpty and it waits.

At the end of step 3 what would happen ?

a. Neither any Producer nor any Consumer executes and it hangs
b. The JVM invokes some thread again because there is no lock on the object
c. The behavior cannot be predicted and its up to JVM
d. None of the above