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Recent posts by Jason Kretzer

Hey Gang,

Another day, another issue...

for some reason the log file for snort


is not getting rotated daily. It is just getting
bigger and bigger. I have taken a look at the
logrotate services and it should be rotating properly.
Anyone have any ideas here? I am attaching the
appropriate logrotate config files below. Let me know if you need more information.



# /etc/logrotate.conf
# see "man logrotate" for details
# rotate log files weekly

# keep 4 weeks worth of backlogs
rotate 4

# create new (empty) log files after rotating old ones

# uncomment this if you want your log files compressed

# RPM packages drop log rotation information into this
include /etc/logrotate.d

# no packages own wtmp -- we'll rotate them here
/var/log/wtmp {
create 0664 root utmp
rotate 1

# /etc/logrotate.d/snort
# $Id$

/var/log/snort/alert /var/log/snort/*log
/var/log/snort/*/alert /var/log/snort/*/*log {
rotate 7
create 0640 snort adm
/etc/init.d/snortd restart 1>/dev/null || true

Anything I am missing here?
14 years ago
I am looking to purchase new hard drives and was wondering if there were any I should stay away from? Are there any with an interface that is incompatible with linux? Ultra ATA100? Ultra ATA133? etc.
16 years ago
I typically do exactly what you suggest unless the program is a webapp and should recover from those exceptions.

thanks Corey.
17 years ago
So, what was left out? and why?


DOH! sorry for the repeat.

[ October 20, 2004: Message edited by: Jason Kretzer ]
[ October 20, 2004: Message edited by: Jason Kretzer ]
17 years ago
IDE? I use vi, you insensitive clod! It is ALWAYS compatible!

Just kidding, went Slashdot there for a second. :roll:
[ October 20, 2004: Message edited by: Jason Kretzer ]
17 years ago
Yes Brett, that does help.

That said, and as I point out in my book, there are some gotchas to watch out for. For example, wrapper classes can be assigned the value null, and this will create a NullPointerException if you try to assign a null-valued wrapper to its primitive (via unboxing).

So, would you say it is good practice to place any unboxing in a try/catch or to explicitly throw the NPE as opposed to ignoring it?
17 years ago
Generally, I would as well. However, since they said this in their original post:

ps. I'm a newbie, so don't be too harsh with me

I gave them a solution that did not require that they learn too much beyond Java i.e. regular expressions.

6 one way , half a dozen another...
17 years ago
apt? Do you mean the Debian update tool?
17 years ago
I tried NetBeans 3.6 today with Tiger and I saw major imporvements in both responsivesness and I like the new look and feel.

Do I give credit to NetBeans, Tiger, or both?
17 years ago
Have you used it for Swing applications? Does anyone know how well they hold up? In going from 1.3 to 1.4, some of the default behavior of some components was changed. IIRC, by problem was with the updating of a JTable from an actionlistener on a JButton.
17 years ago
Question already posted HERE

And to answer your last question:

However is there any compelling reason for which I would consider using Tiger immediately.

Because it is COOL.
17 years ago
A new project yes, but with apps already out there, much testing needs to be done.

Though, I hesitate to start any new development with a .0 version of any software...
[ October 20, 2004: Message edited by: Jason Kretzer ]
17 years ago
Yeah, I had to make my own in college, too, and it is not too hard to do in Java. Just curious about how it works...
17 years ago
Also, don't forget to check for a null String or that the String length is long enough before trying to access any characters. Otherwise a NullPointerException or IndexOutOfBoundsExcpetion respectively, will be thrown.

17 years ago
Just like the last upgrade, companies are going to play around first to see if anything breaks. Like when we went from 1.3 to 1.4, some of our gui apps broke. Probably bad coding on our part. The point is before companies start putting anything new in production, extensive testing must first ensue.
17 years ago