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short answer yes. i am a newbie to jibx but i have faced the same problem.

you can make use jibx tags like




flexible="true" ( i believe this is what you are looking for in your example )

can refer to the docs at this site , . quite useful.

there is no ever there is a DispatchAction which was probably introduced in struts 1.2 to have different methods executed by struts in the same class.

there is another variant of action mapping introduced in struts 1.1 , which makes the types of action mappings in struts to 3

2. Dont remember
3. DispathAction

guys , are there any more after this?

i am probably a little too outdated on sturts
12 years ago
can you find and paste the error by clicking "warning" icon on bottom right of your browser.

also, can you post your code after removing the "alert('right')"

Ravi Kiran Varre wrote:

What are the errors that you are getting?

As I said i had written to capture right click on browser , so if i remove this alert , the default browser behaviour on right click happens .

why are you using document.all, that is very outdated.

I don't know much of javascript , i copied this script from internet , please tell me with what can it be replaced .

Thanks in advance

1. Fred
2. Fred47
3. ed47
4. ED47

there must something , if a ranch hand is asking. enlighten us , vineet

vineet walia wrote:

How many String objects will be created when this method is invoked?

or store in DB , the trimmed version.


i believe this would be better if you trailing spaces dont make sense in your application
12 years ago
Henry's method worked (if you were expecting last SOP to print 2)

public boolean equals(Object object){
return this.str.equals(((HashTest)object).str);

Henry Wong wrote:

And this is probaly not correct. You want your HashTest instances to compare to other HashTest instances -- not String instances.


1. What if the Class is a legacy class and to just write a test case we are modifying the code.
agree , risks come with the benefits
2. Also when we test doSubClassSpecificOperation we are only testing that method but the execute method is still not tested for super.execute() method call statement.
you may want to mock. not sure if there is a mocking framework that would mock a overridden method :-) , will try around and let you know.
13 years ago
as lukas said , we need to create "PATH" variable in "system variables" section.

also , put ";" towards the end.
pretty clear pradeep.

why don't you extract your class logic into another method and call the new method from execute and write a test case for that new method?
for extensions for custom behavior specific to applications developed based on the framework. Hope the requirement is clear from my end.
13 years ago
whats the benefit you are getting out of extending the super class?

if its code resuse , the super class should really be a member of your class and not parent class.

public class MyApp extends {

SuperClass member = //initialize

// method to be tested using JUnit.
//only validate and setSomeVariables methods should be tested.

// calls the super class execute method which is present in another jar file
//and i am not interested in testing the super class execute method.

of course , i am assuming this is the only use you have with super class and

Disclaimer: there might be better solutions :-)

Pradeep Kumar wrote:Hi,

To be very precise of the context I have to test on of my application class which calls super.execute() as the last statement of the method. The super class is in another jar file and the super class execute method has got lot of dependencies. My intention is to test the execute method of the application and not to test the super class which is in another jar file.


If i write a FrameworkClassInAnotherJar class in my application as mentioned in the post earlier the call will definitly land in the dummy super class i coded and suffice for my test case but when i do a build and run my application will it wont land the dummy class? How to go about this. Kindly provide me an optimum solution for testing my application class execute method.

Thanks and Regards,

13 years ago
for mdb to be triggered by the queue , we should be attaching them in the first place , right?

i am not very familiar with queue's but i believe the problem is in connection since it processes in the beginning but then stops.

was the queue filled up when it stopped triggering mdb?
13 years ago

avihai marchiano wrote:Hey,

working with jboss 4.2.3 with jboss messaging installed.

i have a queue that work, but in some cases after some time the mdb are no longer taking messages from the queue.

any advice how to debug?

thank you

are you opening the connections every time you read a message from the queue?

are you closing properly once you read the message.

helps if you add as much detail you can
13 years ago

Jan Cumps wrote:<switching_to_geek_level>
I had an Oracle performance tuning training, where we were told that count('X') is faster than count(1) is faster than count(*).
But actually, I do not care . As if my program's performance would depend on that.

i have executed plan count(*),count(1) and count('X') on a table and result was that the plan is same for all three which is quite bemusing,

i have expected count(1) to be faster but going by the "plan" they are all same.

count(1) and count(<columnName>) can give different numbers in case of null values in the column data