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Recent posts by Sazzadul Haq Syed

Hi Ranchers,

I am very happy to inform you that today I have cleared the SCWCD with a preparation time of SIX weeks, 1-2 hours of reading each day and more hours in the weekends.

I mainly used HFSJ( read through 3 times ), used Mikalai Zaikin notes and did the mock exams found on the net. I especially found these two mock exams very useful

I didn't go through the spec's, thats why I couldn't score better I guess but anyway I am very happy with my score.

A huge thanks goes to Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for writing such a wonderful book which is in my opinion a must for having a good grasp on the JSP and servlet technology.

And thanks to All RANCHERS, visiting this forum has really paid me off.

Next I will be preparing for SCDJWS sometime in January next year( its kind of hard to combine with work, family life so on ).

Thanks to everyone once again.
The reason why you are getting "Mark" printed out because you didn't specify the scope attribute when setting the variable to a new value thus it defaults to page scope. Here is the definition of <c:set..> from jstl specification.

<c:set var=�varName� [scope=�{page|request|session|application}�]
the attribute scope is optional. If it is specified, its value must be one of page,
request, session, or application. The default value is page.

So, using ${} results to "John" and <c:set var="name" value="John" scope="request"/> results to Mark with ${}

Hope it clarifies your doubt.
Hi Ranchers,

I am gonna write SCWCD on Monday next week and I want you to wish me luck
which I really need alot.

I have read through HFSJ and did the mock exam yesterday with 41 correct out of 69 so I don't no my chances. I am going to practice more on MOCK exams found on the net till Monday.

If you have any suggestions on preparation please let me know.
In my WSAD 5.0 workspace there is an EJB project named OafTestEJB.

Within this project there is a file /OafTestEJB/ejbModule/com/company/elslon/common/oaf

I add to ServiceLocatorTestBean the method:

public String test(String s) {return s;}

When I �Promote to Remote Interface� this method, WSAD adds some code to the remote interface and a couple errors appear in the tasks view. The errors are similar. One of the errors says:

�Class must implement the inherited abstract method Location: line 9 in EJSRemoteStatelessServiceLocatorTestBean_fd75a2e6�.

What code has WSAD added to the remote interface, and how do I fix the errors?
16 years ago
Hi everyone
I have been asked to take a Brainbench test "Java / Design Paterns / OO Concepts" for a position I have applied for and havn't got a clue of nature and degree of difficulty for such tests. Has anyone taken any similar test earlier ? Any help,suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
16 years ago