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Recent posts by Maciek Stopczyk

Thank you very much
Hello Ranchers,
I have a question regarding new SCEA exam.
Currently I have passed Part I of old version of SCEA (CX-310-051). So I still need to pass two exams (CX-310-300A and CX-310-061) to be SCEA.
Of course I would like to be a SCEA5. And here is the question:
1. should I take two missing exams and then take the upgrade exams? If so, will I have to take another three exams (upgrade for every part)?

So in total I would have to take five exams to be SCEA5 for the overall cost as below
250$ + 200$ + 3*(cost of upgrade exams)

2. should I take upgrade exam to Part I and then take CX-310-301A and CX-310-062.

So in total I would have to take three exams to be SCEA5 with the overall cost
(cost of upgrade exams) + 250$ + 200$

Thank you guys. I know that there is no one book that will do the job (and I'm not looking for such). I asked about your favorite books that you would advise.

There are several books (not strictly connected with SCEA) that are often cited in this forum and are truly a must (UML Distilled, Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, Core J2EE patterns to name a few). But what would you advice for other subjects?
Let's say I want to buy a book about JSF and JPA. On Amazon there are numbers of them. Very often they have contradictory reviews. And I believe that it is better to ask professionals for their advice than buy disappointing book with beautiful cover
[ November 23, 2007: Message edited by: Maciek Stopczyk ]
I have a short question. What books would you advise for people that tend to be a Java Architects? I'm NOT asking about books that strictly help you to prepare for SCEA (listed in FAQ).

[ November 13, 2007: Message edited by: Maciek Stopczyk ]
To ALL ranchers (those who passed and those who eventually will pass the SCBCD)

I propose world-wide beer meeting.

Tomorrow (14th of Feb) at 9 p.m. we shall sit in front of our computers with bottle(s) of beer (we can take our dates, too ) and celebrate our success

I'm starting right now.

Recently (half an hour ago) I've logged into I7 and found the following statement: "Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 Certification Progress - Your current status is Certified".

What a nice surprise

Unfortunately, I cannot find any other information i.e. my exam score.

Best wishes to all beta-takers.