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Recent posts by Rahul Toaikani

Thanks Stan and James for the response.

OS: Windows 2000 server.
I found good artcile about stacktrace from SUn.

But how about performance? Now I understand using dumps, you can see what is current thread and what method has lock etc., but are there any ways to figure which thread takes up more space and time etc., will the regular profiling tools help?
So Anand,

Any new findings on this? Was it resolved?

Was it resolved? Any updates?
15 years ago
if a thread has some performance issue,slows down the system for some reason or appears in deadlock situation, how do you debug? (other than looking at the logs).

How do you do this in production environment and in developer environment?

Appreciate your input.
So why is first thread not-light weight and the 2nd onwards are light-weight?
I can't wait to see the fights between QuickSort and HeapSort - how each one claims to be better than the other but at the end both are happy that they have O(n log n).

Stacks and queue argue for whole day - then arrives linkedlist- laughs at them on how they suck at removing mid items

oh boy...list goes on...

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15 years ago
I hope "hmmm..." means "in couple of months"
15 years ago
You got me there

Entity Bean's remove() will actually remove entity from the database.You are correct, there is no way client can specify that he is done with the EJBObject(which can be representing session or entity or message-driven)
I had the same question when I read HFEJB chpater on session life cycle. I beleive the book says you should be able to get EJBObject during ejbCreate() and ejbRemoval(). I havent cross verified at other sources or their errata.

From the code, hard to say anything.
If you can run profiler, see what is the SQL command finally getting executed in the database.
The other thing is you may double check if you are not putting blank data in those variables.

For this sort of data issues, I always start at profiler ( I have SQLServer and very easy to trace SQL statements using profiler).

Any effort along this direction?
Time to replace Knuth books :-) Same fate as of GOF book, once HF version was released.
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15 years ago
Too generic question.Too many gaps.
I wanted to run and debug EJB's (from weblogic examples directory) in Eclipse IDE. I followed instructions from bea2dev site , but not able to make it work.

Anybody here successfully running welogic ejb's in eclipse?

For #1 is exactly what remove does.There is very good explanation of remove in HF book.