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Recent posts by sathish kumar

Awesome, I can't believe I did not read through that question.

Thanks for the explanation folks.
Dear Ranchers- This is a question that I pulled from John Meyer's SJCP question bank

int[] a = null , b [] = null;
b = a;
System.out.println( b );

Answer explanation shows "b is a two dimension array. a has one dimension", I did not understand how b[] is two dimensional array.

Certification page itself had all the links. There is a book that you have to buy, but if you have oreilly books membership you can get hold of that too.

If you find something else please do share.

Method B is clean and better one to work with.
Down-casting might not work, can you make B replicate hbm file and keep A as transaction object??
If there is no transactionality for example, if method A has a DB insert and method B has a DB insert and transaction that happened in method A is supposed to commit and after transaction B, I see a use of passing connection objects, If not open connection in each method and close the connections. Am assuming you are getting the connections from a pool.
By default till struts version 1.1 there, struts did not have much of exception handling, developers had to work on the code to do effective exception handling.
But later versions of struts have good exception handling techniques.
Depending upon whether it is runtime or compile time exception struts can handle thing.
For example in your code, say user when not able to log-on successfully, then it has to be redirected to a graceful error page with an exception.
In this case you can use the "<exception>" in "struts.config".
Another one that will help a lot is ModuleException api, I think it extends exception and action errror class,Classic api that can be used for various scenarios.
As well ExceptionHandler is another handy.
If you want to display error messages in your JSP, I would take a look at ActionErrors and ActionMessages Api.
Hope it helps.
16 years ago
Can you bundle everything into a ant script and run the ant script from java application.
16 years ago
I extensively used apache's StringUtils package to escape of NullPointer and other run time exceptions.
16 years ago
Why a batch for processing 45,000 records. Write a Stored procedure, invoke it in a Java main method.
Why not look at the source code to see how the hashtable work, instead of building something over :-).
16 years ago
16 years ago
Think it should be


instead of


posted Yesterday 1:04 PM Profile for Samuel Rizzo Email Samuel Rizzo Send New Private Message Edit/Delete Post Reply With Quote Hi

Help me please... can't find it out

I need to find a class's full qualified name, knowing just its simple name. Ex.: passing "Class1" to a method and getting its full name "com.pack1.Class1".

Stan- From the above quote I think user knows the Class Name. I might be wrong too.
16 years ago