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Recent posts by Tamas Jano

If you want to develop games this link could be useful too:
13 years ago
You can put the action name and method to be executed into a Map.

So you can have

where actions is a HashMap that contains your action name as keys and the value will be a method name to be executed.
execute - this is the method that delegates the execution. But here you will need reflection and it gets really complicated if the methods return different types of objects and take different parameters.

James said you should use Struts. I say the same or Spring MVC or one of the many frameworks.
Or if you don't want to introduce them then download the sources of either Struts or Spring and take a look at the DispatchAction, LookupDispatchAction in Struts and MultiActionController implementations in Spring. These should give you an idea on how to implement in a good way.

Hi Paul,

If you're still looking for work (which is a draining thing I know) and have some time you could try the free online resources like Spring MVC Tutorial Step by Step between your job interviews.

I agree that it is not that easy and quick as having a trainer but once you have the initiative and will you can build a solid base for spring. Also after this you can look into switching JDBC with Hibernate which will be your next self taught course. Remember that these frameworks emerged cause they are simple so it's not impossible to use them without a course.

If you test yourself with a hello world application spring style and succeed you have a pretty good reason to put spring into your CV.

Just do a simple test. Think of a very simple application that has one or 2 screens that reads/write from/to a database and want to do something with it. Build it and after succeeding think of a real life scenario and if you feel confident that you can handle it definitely put the skills in.

The test should give you an idea on how deep your understanding of the concepts really is and how easily you find your way through the implementation (eg. Spring) to make it work.

If you say even for the hello world app that using Spring is overkill, change the task. For ex: take the hello text from a dictionary table giving the locale. Even further, have a user object that when creates the session has to set a language and based on that get the texts from the dictionary etc...evolve it towards a full blown user profile management app and you will see how spring eliminates boilerplate code and when you managed all that and said...that was're DEFINITELY ready.

Good Luck!

As for AOP...Spring in Action explains it very nicely with good examples...I am recommending it too.
Also a good reading is:

Hi Jennifer,

It is a good practice to develop the server side separately from the UI so once your technology stack is set look into how easily you can build a GUI for the services.

Ideally you would be able to interchange the GUIs easily (ex. switch from a web UI to Swing without touching the services)

For RIA I could say that ICEFaces or GWT would fit you nicely. Even JBoss Seam seems to be a good option for you.
There is always the JQuery which can be used with any kind of MVC framework.

Remember to design the layers to eliminate dependencies so it will be easy to integrate.

Hope it helps.

15 years ago
You could embed a nice little applet there which MUST be signed and could use it for upload.

Remember that the user still has to accept to trust the applet and you can't touch anything without his/her consent. After accepting it the machine is all yours but it is still constrained that the user has the java plugin (even to accept your signature).

Or you can look into Java Web Start (JNLP) but that takes it out of the browser.

Hope it helps.
15 years ago
I think for your needs a static method that returns a static list of vendors and have a lookups service that gets the current list or a new one depending on your preference.

You can include a check into the getVendors() method for ex. if the static list has been initialized, if not retrieve the data from the db otherwise get the content of the already populated data. If you need to reloaded call the other method (getVendorsFromDb() for ex)

It works for me for countries, currencies etc.

And you will inject all the serices and db logic there somehow (Spring or else)
Note: that the vendors attribute is private so you can access it only via the getter.
[ November 03, 2008: Message edited by: Tamas Jano ]
15 years ago
You have to add the HttpSessionContextIntegrationFilter (or another implementation) to the filterChainProxy in your spring security configuration.

In your authenticationEntryPoint you define the form (URL) where it should be redirected in case of an exception.

I think the new spring security is very easy to configure I'm still using the 1.5 spring and it worth looking into the new one I think.
Easy question...hard answer.
The main thing is adaptability. It's not enough to have core technology knowledge only. India is not working for the US alone and I don't see any problem doing other stuff than banking.
There are always opportunities just have to seek them.
For ex since US banned online gambling Europe, Asia, South America etc are flourishing in this particular field.
There are so many industries that are not affected, find the companies that are doing businesses in those areas and try your luck there.
I agree, the money might not be as good and you might have to relocate or things like this but well...this is part of adaptation. Still more than nothing.

Travel and insurances are at their peeks right now.
Food and retail is always there not mentioning telecom and entertainment.

Good luck with your researches!
15 years ago

Also what are the major traits needed for sales people in this industry?
what are the opportunities, breaks & cons in this job?
What helps in succeeding in top level in this job"

What do you define by recognition?
You could be recognized and rewarded by the board by selling a crappy product and you could have the company at your feet...but what about the client?
Everywhere I worked...the worse the product was the more recognition the sales guy got.
I also know a company who hired 24-29 years old good looking girls to accompany the client as a strategy to save a failing product...with success.

If you steal the fire from the gods the people will love you and the gods will hate you. If you leave it there the gods will love you and the people will hate you. You will be loved and hated...have to choose by whom. (Promehteus)

Those were some attempts to answer to the questions of pro and con of choosing sales over tech.
Unfortunately they are coupled and not a brilliant piece of software can be sold without being exposed. There is no such thing as self-selling software.

I hope you being involved in the tech part as well you will bring balance to the whole situation and will push back when you will have to having or not an MBA. Unfortunately nowadays is all about titles. Fortunately not everywhere...

To succeed...sell yourself first. Try now! No-one will quote your MBA and experience...but your skill. You got the job on merit! You can't learn how to do have to watch others and steal what's good. The one thing you can learn is to read people and approach them accordingly.

What helps in succeeding in top level in this job"

What is you understand as "top level"?
I can say it's all about connections...the more you have the more you sell...I speak from experience here being involved in acquisitions worth hundreds of thousands of $s.
Remember that after all it's all business and be prepared for some really big shocks.
15 years ago
Try what Ankit Garg has said...a really easy thing to do is just put a hidden field containing the timestamp onto the form you are submitting and on the action (servlet) check for it on the session.
If it exists and is not the same OR is not on the session do your stuff and save it onto the session so if you resubmit with refresh the equals will evaluate to true and will skip the action.
It is called the Synchronizer Token Pattern.
Just google for it and choose an article to get some in-depth knowledge about it.
15 years ago
You made some good points there. Great to know you've realised what you want and in that case you should pursue your dreams no matter what.

Originally posted by arr gem:

what do you mean?

The small print in the of my friend's cousin accepted a scholarship to study at Oxford and in return he has to work 10 years!!! for the company who sponsored him or buy himself out which is 50.000 Pounds (100.000 USD) which is a considerable amount even for well paid guys in the UK not to mention in Sri Lanka where he will have to work for the 10 years after graduation.
These kind of contracts and small prints I am referring to, when a company gives something that means it takes something too. They don't do charity.
However...he can have exposure to bigger things and taking the opportunity who knows where he could end up.

Maybe I am pretty against corporations and that's why I take this stance...but I found the biggest challenge managing myself and not others on a project. If you're good at managing people and have good soft skills that can be worth way more and lead you to a fulfilling career. I wished for a manager with a developer background...and considering your course the people you will work with will appreciate it.

Just one thing...if change comes...embrace it...don't avoid it.
15 years ago
You seem a pretty taught guy...I didn't want to post but what the heck.
For me you seem to be the guy stuck in the corporate environment and aiming to climb the hierarchy ladder. The catch here is...what if the ladder is leaned to the wrong wall and spent all the time climbing to realize that you're not where you thought you'll be.
Just remember that your 7 months old experience might be deceptive so I would suggest to keep an open mind and learn more how the world works instead of how the "successful" companies work.
There are so many opportunities in the world (where no MBA or experience count just the action of the moment and your unexplored skills and courage).
I found the big companies becoming boring after some time and it's easy to slip into boredom for big money and hard to get out...
Don't plan so strictly ahead...just outline your future and always seek opportunities...maybe you will discover what you really like.
If you love what you're doing you are in an envied situation and your plan seems pretty good. Seek challenges not titles and don't be afraid to change if you think you stalled. Careful with small print if the company is paying.

Good luck!
15 years ago
Hi Prateek,

I won't question why are you doing it only what kind of queries do you want to parse?

I would suggest to take a look at some frameworks' source code and check the implementation of their parsers. (eg. Hibernate, Lucene).
There are also a lot of data parser plug-ins for eclipse and you could take a look at their implementation.

Good luck!
15 years ago
Everything is on their site.
Check this.
16 years ago