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Recent posts by Dinesh Bhattacharya

Here is my story...

I passed Part 1 last year , with a score of 89%. I worked hard for a month, spending about 2 hrs/day, as a lot of the concepts
were fuzzy to me at first. I also bought Part 2/3 right after I passed part 1.

About a year later, I realized that I had just 9 days to utilize the voucher for Part 3 as it was valid for 1 year only. I could
either forgo $150 or take the plunge. I decided for the latter.

I studied for 4 days (4 hrs /day) and wroteup my assignment. Fortunately most of the concepts came right back to memory and I was able to get a very quick refresher. I completed my entire assignment within 7 days, uploaded it and took Part 3.
4 week later I got my result - PASS! WOW

I was extremely concerned about my prep time but this forum honestly helped me a LOT! A Lot of my questions were clarified by
reading thru the huge volume of posts

So my thoughts....

Pros of the exam:
If you do it right, it makes you think and exposes you to J2EE best practices.
Tis the highest level of SUN Java certification - a great selling point when job hunting

The assignment has not been updated - EVER!
Part 3 is a joke, SUN just wants some extra cash

Overall it was worth $550
Ok, thanks for the response. my main question was - is it ok to show subsystems in a component diagram and is it ok to dissect the large component
diagram into smaller units for the SCEA exam....

Looks like I'm on on the 1st question
Here is how I have designed my component diagrams. I have laid out 5 diagrams
one for each sub-system / package


Within each diagram, I represent the individual classes as components.
When I have to reference a class in other diagram, I just refer to the subsystem name and proceed...

Is this the right approach ? Please reply asap, I am going to submit within 24 hrs...
I am very confused about what to include in the component diagrams. My class/seq diagrams are set but I am unsure as to what exactly a component is... Can someone point me to examples of J2EE component diagrams that I can use as a model for the SCEA one ?
I have already requested and recieved permission. Just wanted to see if there will be a problem attempting Part 2/3 on the same day. thanks a lot
I am debating saving the itinerary in the customerejb -> a CMP bean , in the profile class. A more common approach seems to be itinerary's own EB EJB.

Just want to know what others think of storing the itinerary in the profile...

Am I completely out of track or is this a new way of doing things ?
I have scheduled my Part 3 for Wednesday evening. Can I upload Part 2 on Wednesday mornning or does it need to update overnight ie submit Tuesday evening ?
Sorry my bad. I meant a legacy Terminal, not a webpage... Kinda makes more sense now.
Just wondering if Screenscrapers can write as well as they read from source pages ?
Thanks.. Anyone else who submitted , can you please confirm if this is the prometric id or if you must use the social
Fantastic forum here. Been a passive member so long...

Question.. When I name the jar file , do I REALLY use my SSN or the Prometric candidate id ? SPXXXXX ??