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Recent posts by Narendra shah

Content looks really promising, thank you for writing such nice book.

I was going thru the link at, i loved at first look.

Keep writing such book
8 years ago
To Start with the liferay first time, i will recommend Liferay Beginner's Guide book. But if you know to configure and use liferay, then liferay development guide book will help you out. This both books are from packt publication.
12 years ago
Hi Jonas,

I have PDF Copy of the same book, this book is very interesting covering lots of liferay features. I have received this book to review from packit publication.

Thank you for writing such nice book, covering lots of depth information about liferay newer version 6.1.

---Narendra Shah.
12 years ago

Don Cracker wrote:Hi. In this welcome post to Craig, it says we should read the book promotion page to up our chances of winning a free copy of the book. But that link is dead! Or at least it goes to a page not found notice. Can you please advise an alternative link? Thanks


That link is working good for me. Might be you have some firewall issue. Can you try from some other machine. And this is the only book promotion page.

12 years ago
I read summary about it. It is good book to start and clear concepts.

A person who just want to work with spring and start to work with spring. I think this is the one and only good book.

After reading the book, you can go thru spring reference documentation.

Hope this help to new person for spring.

Narendra Shah.
12 years ago
Try to understand following code, where count is shared between multiple threads. Hope you get your answer.

Martin Vanyavchich wrote:Hey ranchers!

I have a situation where I call several WebServices that take long time to return. Threads came to mind. In some cases though I need the returned values right after the call. Does it make any sense to make a Thread, start it and then call join() straight away, waiting for results. Are there any benefits doing it this way or is it just clutter?

Thank you.

Hi Martin,

Looking at your problem, i have same problem. As such its look like all your web services are independent of each other. What you need to do is to create array of thread objects, and start all thread in loop. So all parallel call will be initiated. And after this loop. Write another loop to iterate this array of thread and call join on every thread. So parallelism is achieved.

Hi Kavin,

Thanks for sharing info. It is nice to listen about this book. I am looking for such book.


Its an good information that JQuery in action second edition available. Good. Congratulation.

Have recently started with Revised Edition of Hibernate in action book. It is good startup. Else you can get many tutorial on net.
Hi Friends,

I am little bit confuse about spring 2 and 3. I want to learn spring. But i dont have any idea, With what to start ? Is spring 3 is compatible with spring 2 framework ? What is better to start for learning purpose ?

14 years ago

Sougata Som wrote:Hi Narendra,
I made the change suggested by you but it's still throwing the same exception at the same line.

Can you send stack trace of your exception with message. And log all parameters which you are passing to your program. Above given code is completely valid. And by using that mail should be sent.

14 years ago
# transport = mailSession.getTransport();

Change above line as passing argument withing

# transport = mailSession.getTransport("smtp");

Check Mail api session class api for more info.

14 years ago
Sougata Its look like that your server ip address is not reachable to your application host.

Can you verify that is it your server host is pinged from your application machine ?
14 years ago
I have worked on same application as you do have. Doing login in https site and then using other pages within the site. I have achieved the fuctionality using apache http client library using session management. Look more on session management with http client library, It will surely solve your problem.