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In Tomcat 5.5 the user sets the

Initial Memory Pool
Maximum memory Pool
Thread Stack Size

in the Configure Tomcat Application. (This will override also a -DXmx... if I enter it in the Java Options just above.)

When the system is running, is it possible to retreive the initialization values from a JSP Page?

For example I know that I can run:

Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory() and totalMemory() . But this will not give me the thread stack size.

Also, I assume that:

NewSize and MaxNewSize are picked up if I enter them as Java Options.

In tomcat 4.4 I used to run System.getProperties();
16 years ago
What are the first two lines in the web.xml?

Mine are:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" "">

I think that the Doctype is needed for this type of issue.
16 years ago
Hey guys:
I worked with DTD a bit and then stopped. I need to start it up again but lately I've been thinking that it's probably useless to work with DTD any more because of the way XML Schema is moving on.
I read an earlier thread posted by vasansrini on industry standard DTD and was wondering as why he should work with DTD any more.
Any comments would be appreciated.
The following are brief descriptions of the Java Contract jobs that we have in the Greater Boston area. All are senior positions and most can carry a rate of up to $120/hr for qualified individuals. Digital Prospectors is a non-traditional IT recruiting agency with a fixed $10/hr mark-up and practice of full disclosure.
Please email me for a full description
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2. DC102991 Java Developer with BEA WebLogic- 6 months, Stoneham, MA --- up to $120/hr --2 people needed--
3. DC102991A Java Developer with Interwoven- 6-9 months,
Stoneham, MA --- up to $120/hr --2 people needed--
4. DC102911 Java Developer with strong JFC, some JTree and JTable would be nice. 6-9 months, Acton, MA --- up to $90/hr
5. DC102971 Sr. Java Developer with strong OLAP experience and data warehousing background. C++, XML, PERL and SQL required as well. 12 months, Cambridge, MA, --- up to $120/hr
6. DC103001 Java Developers with C++, RMI over SSL and JNI. 6 months, Cambridge, MA -- up to $120/hr
7. DC102921 Sr. Software Engineer needed with strong Java, JSP, RMI (corba) XML or XSL and SQL or Oracle. 6 months, Boston, MA --up to $120/hr

Please contact Chris if you are interested in any of these positions.
23 years ago
Hey anybody having any idea on what's the default layout manager for scrollpane ?
I checked in the API, but it's not there.
The method is protected, not the class Base. The Base class is not visible in any other package so obviously its method won't be visible even if its protected.
A non static inner class has a hidden reference to the outer class, so you do not need an instance of the outer class. The implied prefix this is assumed by the compiler.
If you instantiate your inner class inside a static method then you need an instance of the outer class. So, in your code if you try to instantiate the inner class inside the main method without an instance of the outer class you'll get an error.
The following question from javaprepare says:
At what stage in the following method does the object initially referenced by s becomes available for garbage collection. Select the one correct answer.

void method X() {
String r = new String("abc");
String s = "abc";
r = r+1; //1
r = null; //2
s = s + r; //3
} //4

A) Before statement labelled 1
B) Before statement labelled 2
C) Before statement labelled 3
D) Before statement labelled 4
E) Never.
The answer given is D. The object initially referenced by s is the literal "abc" and from my understanding the life of literals on the literal pool is that of the class life. So, the answer should be something close to E although it cannot be D) (Never) either.
I'll be appearing for it next week, can you give a one liner for what we need to know about the socket communication. I've heard about it but does not have a clue as to what it is about.
Don't use jdk1.3, use jdk1.2.
I do not get this error with my jdk version.
Can any method contain a call to this or super or should these be only called in the respective constructor ?
Where is the comment //Here in the code ??
I wonder as to why you were expecting it to give an error.
It's nothing unexpected too, it's the usual junk that you'd expect while printing out such characters.
BTW you'll get the same result if you print char c = '\u0001'.
Can anybody tell me for which topics RHE is insufficient from the exam point of view ?
Thanks in advance.
The answer is indeed 3) and 5).
5) is correct, no doubt about it.