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I have never worked on an EJB project, but I have worked on several Spring projects. I forgot to add that one year ago I have read EJB 3 in Action by Debu Panda. When I have started to do enthuware tests I think the average score was about 50%. In the last month prior the real exam all the enthuware tests scores I have practiced were between 90% and 100%.

In the last week, before the real exam I have also read Krizsan's study notes on the exam. For me it worked, I am glad with the score.

Good luck with your exam too.
Hi guys,

I have also passed 1Z0-895 Exam with 93% Score yesterday, on 17 May 2012. I have used only Enthuware's exam simulator and Krizsan's Study Notes ( I didn't have the nerve to read the entire EJB 3.1 specification though :P

Good luck to all of you.

Right, specs 13.6.3 explains that:

Only the NOT_SUPPORTED and REQUIRED transaction attributes may be used for message-driven bean message listener methods. The use of the other transaction attributes is not meaningful for message-
driven bean message listener methods because there is no pre-existing client transaction context (REQUIRES_NEW, SUPPORTS) and no client to handle exceptions (MANDATORY, NEVER).

However, the question still remains why REQUIRES_NEW is allowed for Timeout callbacks but not for message-driven bean listeners...

Congratulations for the exam!

I am glad to hear that enthuware product is so good. I have also bought it.

About your P.S. and that buggy question. Have you reported to the testing personnel what was the situation with it?
You can use also the @EJB annotation to inject an EJB3 bean reference in a client java application, if you run it in ACC (Aplication Client Container) that comes for example with GlassFish.
Exactly. In EJB2 entity beans were not POJOs, so the anti-pattern DTO was a must. Not needed anymore with EJB3.
The @remove annotation is used only on Stateful session beans methods. After the method annotated with @remove returns, the instance is destroyed by the container. This is because with Stateful session beans every client gets its own instance and this way the performance is greatly improved. (Think in this scenario if every instance would need to wait a timeout to be destroyed)
Hi Jay,

Congratulations! Good Job!
Thank you all for the congratulations.

Actually I have started to work on the assignment on April, this year. But because of a job change, I didn't have the time to finish it in a reasonable time and resulted in a long dead period. So its not relevant in my case, I guess.
I have started the project with the development of the database. It was the module that got a lot of JUnit and multithreading tests. Mainly I wanted to be sure it is free of deadlocks.
Then I have developed the network server using RMI (I have used rmic to compile the stubs), then the network client and the GUI. For the other parts of the project I didn't write JUnit tests, as they seemed too simple to me to get JUnit tests. But that wouldn't have hurt, that's for sure.
Architecturally speaking, I have used the Factory pattern to get a local or remote implementation of the main business interface. In this interface I have used the facade pattern to access the database. And I have used once again the facade pattern for the network implementation.
13 years ago
Hi ranchers,

I have recently got the results (in under one month) for my SCJD exam:

General Con: 100 85
Documentation: 70 70
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 26
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 30
Total: 400 361

I must say that I'm very happy and I would like to thank all the ranchers on this forum. I would also want to wish good luck to those who prepare their assignments for submission.

About the lost points, I am almost sure I have lost points in GUI because I have used the mediator and command patterns instead of the MVC. In my opinion they are just not flexible enough if this is really the reason, but maybe I'm wrong.
For the rest of the lost points I have no idea.
13 years ago
Hi Martija,

Try to mail to
They responded quickly to me when I have asked for upload rights.
You need to achieve min 320 points out of possible 400 to pass.