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Recent posts by Frank Kuepper

It's because the topic of that document is "Implementing SOA with the Java EE 5 SDK"!

Of course a web-service itself not necessarily must be implemented as an EJB, but when your focus is implementing WebServices with EJB, it naturally will be.

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The distinction Martin Fowler gives may be mor helpful than corej2eepatterns. See

Seeing it this way, the two patterns make sense.
Forget about it! There are definitely no code-related questions in SCEA!
No problem, it's quite simple: see URL and URLConnection and their documentation.

But I think, this here is not the appropriate forum for this type of questions.
Just as posted again and again and again the same answer to the same old boring question (sorry, if it sounds a bit offensive, but it's really boring to have the same question in the forum several times a week):

part III ask you some generic questions to test your understanding and justification of some aspects of your assignment solution.

Take part III as quickly as you can while your assignment solution is still fresh in your memory.
I doubt you'll add more value by splitting up without really feeling the urge to do so. So If you are confident about your design and feel comfortable with your layouts, leave them as they are!
(Well, and if not, let it mature and revise it again )
You can use anything you like to produce the deliverables.
Congrats Shouton! Great score!

Well, I didn't mean to be dogmatic and I didn't say you should not use any ideas from this forum Just meant to remind you to use your own brain - seems to have done a great job for you
Hi Morten,

I think, most of the exisiting j2EE patterns still hold value for JEE 5. For example all presentation-tier patterns are still valuable and applicable. And even with a most sophisticated persistance manager, DAO still may be needed to tune data-access to the max - especially when using the fast lane reader pattern.

Hi Sreeraj,

you may not have noticed, but the second version of code, you provided, uses the decorator pattern as well

The original design makes a distinction between the basic beverage (the coffee variations) and the add-ons (milk, whip and so on), whereas you combined all of them to extend a common base class.

Although your approach is valid as well, I yould prefer the original one, as it is clearer in terms of valid variations: with your approach you could shake a "Mocha with Decaf" - kind of odd, isn't it

Hi Beppe,

I'm afraid, that no one of us can really answer this question as the only feedback from Sun is the score - no explanations. So we all don't know, what would be the ultimate approach.

My suggestion would be to mark critical sections requiring transactions in the sequence diagrams and to write some notes about it into your assumption-document.

Don't know, if that's ok or if that approach might have cost me some of my 7 points loss ;-)

As Ulf said: HTTP for sure is stateless. From the connectionless/based options connection based makes most sense.

But it seems to me, like that is a really poorly designed question in the mock exam you've got - I wouldn't expect this question in the real thing What mock exam is it?
  • Be familiar with UML
  • Be familiar with the EJB-component model
  • Be familiar with common architecture concepts
  • Be familiar with design patterns
  • Don't forget protocols, security, internationalization, legacy connectivity ...
  • Browse the SCEA FAQ of this forum
  • Browse the different resources mentioned in many of the posts
  • Try some mock exams (from my experience Whizlab's are quite good)

  • Tricks:
  • There aren't any

  • Greetings,
    Hi Pham,

    Originally posted by Pham Huy Anh:

    1. I plan to have only one component for all JSP. Because I think JSP is just for displaying purpose only.
    Many ServletController component like Mark Cade.
    Only one component for swing presentation. Many controller component for Swing, similar to ServletController.

    Many others have reported to have done so; seems to be alright

    Originally posted by Pham Huy Anh:

    2 Entity vs DAO, for some entities, I use EntityBean, for some other I use DAO without EntityBean.
    Is that good? (in the eyes of grader)

    It's totally ok, if you based your choice on good reason and you can explain and justify your choice! I think, this is an issue, which cannot be emphasized enough - maybe it's even the most important lesson, I've learned during the certification

    Remember: DOn't overestimate everything you read here on the forum and don't take everything for granted. Take the posts as an inspiration. After all architecture and design also is a creative process!

    Good luck,
    [ July 18, 2007: Message edited by: Frank Kuepper ]