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Recent posts by kajal mukergi

Hi Friend,

Sorry if the above message is interpreted as "Shout" , I only wanted to highlight it.

It is really sad to hear that we don't have any tool yet.. after these many years of JAVA arrival..

Ok Bad but really sad.
11 years ago
Ok I will do that , out of interest i want to know IS THERE ANY TOOL EXISTING FOR SEEING THE OPEN STREAMS
11 years ago

There is problem for deleting file from my temperary folder , i keeping file.exists check and then i try to delete.. file.delete
But 100 time i think only 2 or 3 times it deleted

it gives me false as response every time.

but problem is here , when i searched for this solution every one says.. you have close all the streams.. , and some say System.gc() is good solution , for me really it helped
but i don't want to use

Could any one tell me solution or any tool available for see the streams..not for memory leak. please.

TOOL or plugin for eclipse really helpful now i am using

11 years ago
thanks ankit i was following the link what gave quit a long time..
but problem came when i have encounter this c# code...
should be converted to java

13 years ago
hi Friends

need to retrieve contact list from hotmail

this is my task

problem is this program is available in c#

can any help me to convert this program to java

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb463974.aspx (code sample in C#)

thank you very much.

13 years ago
Hi Friends

i need to retrieve the contact list from hotmails

so first we need to do authentication

and then retrieve contact list.

The relevant links are:
Delegated Authentication:
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc287665.aspx (example)

Contacts API:
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb463974.aspx (code sample in C#)

i have done my best but till now i am not able to any coding my self.. i am new to this , can any one help me out.

13 years ago
I am trying to get authenticate with AOL mail server i am using following code , as given by AOL sample code.

getting exception is

[10/14/09 2:40 PM]: OnStateChange: Connecting, ACC_S_OK
[10/14/09 2:40 PM]: OnStateChange: Validating, ACC_S_OK
[10/14/09 2:40 PM]: OnStateChange: Transferring, ACC_S_OK
[10/14/09 2:40 PM]: OnStateChange: Negotiating, ACC_S_OK
[10/14/09 2:40 PM]: OnStateChange: Offline, ACC_E_DISCONNECTED


13 years ago
Yup they have i will go through.

thank you very for you help

ok so i have see new methods to reset the url if they change

thank you very much.

13 years ago
ok Thanks friends , really valuable information.

i have doubts

if i use rest calls then

1. they give the Http url , for authentication purpose we will be using these http URL, then they response with html full code from there we will retrieve some authentication key,
with this key we have to make other service calls to servers for retrieving contact list rite.

so. if above procedure is correct

Is there any chance in future these http URLS will be changed by the respective Mail Servers or any chance that the response what these servers sending will be changed , if YES how to coupe it ?

Since our is web application and once started we can't stop the whole application.

So that is my main worry ,

Is my above assumption wrong . can please help me where i can get the code for rest call. (yahoo , hotmail and aol)

or any alternative method.
13 years ago
No Friend,

Actually i have retrieved my contact list from gmail using the API they provided for java this one is ok for me

but yahoo and hotmail they are giving rest calls and which will really not gud to use

so can you tell me how can we get the hotmail and yahoomails contact or buddy list. please.
13 years ago
thanks sir
can you please tell me how can i get code regarding this
13 years ago
Hi Friends

any way we can retrieve the emails from yahoo , hotmail and gmail using java.

i have seen many places no code for these things..

please tell me the procedure urgent.
13 years ago
Thank very much Btawi .....

what i did is

in jsp

in java file i have

so when i select 5th and 10th check box and click submit then in action class i am able to retrieve that i have selected 5th and 10th id
and when i don't select any of the check boxes and click submit then i will get key as false;

now it easy for me to.. handle in this way.

and last doubt


if i do the modification what you said will i get all the data of that complete row which was checked or only the row id which we selected.

since in my modification i get the row id only again in action class i am making a doa call to get the values for this particular id.
13 years ago
Thanks David,

So you are saying that we have to just add the patch, it will be enough right no need to import new latest jar file.
13 years ago
Hi Nval Btawi,

I am new struts

As you said that

[Post New]posted Sunday, June 21, 2009 9:38:29 AM private message
Quote [Up]
After further investigation, research and debugging: This is indeed Struts 2 DEFECT for release 2.1.16 (which was one I used). We resolved the issue by modifying the CheckboxInterceptor.java class. Thanks to Tim Stavenger for his idea: "

So should we have to modify our action class similar to CheckboxInterceptor.java

or we have create a new interceptor. or can we handle in Action class itself

i really confused javascript:emoticon(''); can you please guide me
13 years ago