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Recent posts by Prasad Tamirisa

I never get satisfied with the shots taken by mobile camera.

I Do agree. Mobile will never compete with the Digi Cam or SLR.
15 years ago

Well 'Ratna' means 'Gem'
So 'Bharat Ratna' means 'Gem of India'

And 'Khel Ratna' means 'Sporting Gem'

15 years ago
The "Must Have features" for a phone by 2050 would be?

I must say...

1) Shouldn't weigh more than 5-6 grams,
2) No Camera,
3) No Viedo,
4) No Memory Card,
5) No Screen on the phone (Coz it weighs more).
15 years ago
I will try to give the meaning of these awards.

Khel Ratna

= Dimond sport star.

Bharat Ratna

= Indian Dimond.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Arjun Shastry:
ok, lets guess what will happen tomorrow:
1)TOI headline-Shooting star!!
2)Abhinav's parents/sister on 'how since age 2,he dreamt of winning in Olympic.and how with toy gun he used to aim at everything.
3)His friends on his exceptional grit and determination.
4)TOI's editorial-"We need to produce more Abhinavs.. than Sachins"
5)Air Tel/Reliance sponsoring next national shooting event.
6)Sports journalists on how shooting required tremendous concentration,quick decision,tactics.
7)Some CMM IT company's CEO to employees-"Focus on target and shoot the problem like Abhinav did"

Nobody guessed about the 200 Crore hotel as a gift to Abhinav.
15 years ago

[ August 11, 2008: Message edited by: Prasad Tamirisa ]
15 years ago

So you're involved in fudging them?

Absolutely not. I am no where connected in this.
15 years ago
Think about the investor who have invested alot in the market. Oops.!!!
15 years ago
Whew..!!! Another Dumb marketing technique. I know the results will not be honest.
15 years ago
Congrats Abhinav,

Now, the Media will be very happy that they have lot of news to throw on us for next 2-3 days.
15 years ago

Do we have to remember these meta data tags for the exam or just the main ones?

You don't need to. But, that's always a best practice to follow.

Should i give scjp1.5 before that?

Hello Sudha,

Its all up to you to decide. You can go ahead with SCWCD with out even taking SCJP. SCJP 1.5 or 6 will not be so tough for you as you have already taken 1.4.

So, why don't you quickly finish SCJP6 and come back to SCWCD?

so, is the above code gives an output of "javabeat null" OR "null null"

Its very clear. The Answer is null null