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Check if only you get this? If your collegue is not getting this, then there might be an issue with your setup.
BTW, is it BMT or CMT.

Assuming it is CMT, check if you invoked a setRollbackOnly() earlier in the execution chain:


I had read that the SCDJWS is the most coveted of Sun's certifications. Hence began.

And now, oh...what a relief!! Never felt like this before on clearing any other certification test. I think it’s to do with all the information that was bombarding my brain and thought that it got my wits out.

To thank, should thank RMH first, MZ next, penultimately the JavaRanchers and myself last for pulling this out. The learning process was very intermittent in my case as I couldn't generated long-term concentration on this. I read during travel or on sparse holidays. Wanted to take some quizzes, but with not much time left for voucher expiry date - did an incomplete session on xyz. The questions were a mixed bag. Few were tough and others straight-forward. Explanations were good. Skipped them after about 40 questions as I began to feel that I was not prepared totally. And I again thought I'd done enough study to take the exam though. Thought about procrastinating for a while. However, with not much time left, relying on earlier thorough study & instinct, I took the exam on the final day of the voucher date. Cleared it with 81% (56/69). Pleasantly surprised to see 100% on JAXR. Got 100% on Security too thanks to MZ. Having thanked MZ twice here, I would know how indispensable the MZ quiz would be. But I decided against it. I didn't take Whizlabs either. On the final day watched the Kill Bill Vol. 2 DVD out of desperation. Badly entertained by the Pai Mei episode, went to sleep. Woke up in the morning to fate and visited the exam center only to know that I cleared the exam with flying colours after two and half hours. I only thought I would clear the exam during the review of questions.

Wisdom from me to new aspirants: Don't take the exam easily, but make the exam easy upon yourself.
Reading Material:
1. RMH
2. MZ Study Guide (Security, General Architecture, Endpoint Design & Patterns)
3. My own Notes

Finally people due of my gratitude are Zulfiquer, Xulfi, Bebo & Mazher. I owe them a lot!!!

And for now, how am I going to shed 9 kilos of my weight?

14 years ago
Your question is not applicable.

Document/Literal is data-based and not method-based like in RPC/Literal messaging mode. In document/literal, the server side (JAX-RPC), extracts the data (for example a purchase order) message out from the SOAP message and automatically binds it to a PurchaseOrder object (using JAXB) for your Java parameters.

Hope that answers your question!
Can someone please explain how does one identify whether a handler is a server-side handler or a client-side handler in a handler chain?

Also, if every configuration is done on the endpoint, how are the handlers invoked on the JAX-RPC Client Runtime? Do we need to have the "client_handlers.jar" in the client's classpath?

I apologize for my ignorance. :roll:
Hi Folks,

Can someone please tell the kind of knowledge of deployment descriptors needed for the exam? Thanks.
Do you suggest we wait, learning the new WebServices and take up the exam later when it's updated?
The publisher, the authors and the vendor owe an explaination to the SCDJWS community . Aren't they doing a disservice by roping up false final dates time and again!

I am very unhappy. I am gonna go with RMH - J2EE Web Services.
Hi All,

My apologies for posting an off topic.

I would like to bring to the notice of all certification-aspirants about the supposed fraud and cheating going on in a few certification centres in Hyderabad.

Recently, my friend, an SCJP-aspirant was contacted by some thugs who assured certifications. They would however charge top dollar for that apart from the usual SUN fee. These people are seasoned certification-takers, I believe, capable of clearing the exam again and again. The modus operandi is quite simple impersonation. The 'other guy' will take the exam instead of the 'real guy'. This needs coordination with in the pack comprising of
1. guy who would check ( or never check) the identity,
2. 'other guy' and
3. 'real guy'.

I would appeal to all exam-takers to ignore such people as you gain no knowledge but pieces of paper. Better still to write to Sun. Can someone rightly point up to Sun Complaint Box?

I am not aware of the name of the institute (they obviously aren't letting out the name) but it is in a place called Ameerpet in Hyderabad.

Also can someone responsible tell us how Sun puts these frauds into check.

We get this question in our minds because we are all thinking like humans. Humans always have a paired approach towards thinking (duality). If there is right, there is wrong. If there is good, there is evil. If there is beauty, there is ugliness too. One can find many examples alike.

Why are we living was the question? We are always living. In fact, we never stopped living. We are living the life, sometime after we'll live the death. Before our birth, we were living the cipher/cypher/zero/null/void. We'll continue to live no matter what happens. We all are here in the second stage. Stage three is where we all ultimately want to be - the destination.

Stage two is typical and special in that you cannot believe that the other stages exist. Retention is limited by the earthly physics. Other stages are under the control of the meta-physical unknown.

1) are we living to die?
2) did I live to die?.

What's the difference in the above questions? A person is correct if he/she asks question 1 only in stage 2 and also correct if he/she asks the question 2 only in stage 3. So this experiment in life is not complete. You are not wanting to know the question yourself in this incomplete experiment, do you?

Let wait for completion or absolution.
16 years ago
No one seem to mention Bobby, an adolescent romance classic of all times from Bollywood. It contains exactly the stuff Bollywood is know for world over. Must be watched without song-skipping ;-). Basically, a tragic love story of a poor Christian girl and a affluent Hindu boy - both is teens and in love for the only time in their lives. The maker of this film is an adored man for his touch of romance in a very conservative society.

If you really want a close peak into the family celebrations of many Indians or how Indians wanted always to be, you could watch Hum Apke Hai Kaun. You don't need to buy a DVD for this. Tune in a Hindi Channel on a weekend, and you would find it playing somewhere. :-). Actually I hated the movie when I saw it (First Day First Show) and now I hate myself for have committed this unpardonable sin.

And to appreciate the current situation of India on the global map and the hard times it's people had to undergo, through and after the British rule, you could watch Mother India.

Make sure you are in the right mood while watching these movies, otherwise you would be itching to kill me.

Someone please volunteer to suggest Marc the right mood for these movies.

Otherwise, all the list suggested to you by my 'pre-posters' is really a good one except for Dhoom 2. I still hate Dhoom 2. And this is no sin.
16 years ago
Blah blah blah blah :roll:
16 years ago
Same page of the news paper also asks a question

"Since companies are wanting their staff to work extra due to rise in rupee value, will they ever think of getting their staff work lesser (like 4 days/week), if the rupee value falls!"

In my opinion, they should leave things at status quo. Anyway most people in IT work 10 hrs anyways, also on Saturdays. There is no point in asking them to work extra. Just allot extra work. That's it. Shrewd Managers!!
16 years ago
So the Doctrate has lost its importance and relevance. Can someone please update the Leeds guys? ThankQ
16 years ago