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Recent posts by jittu goud

you need to call some batch file..from your java application...
which does the job of opening the new command window...and runs what ever you mentions in batch...... ;)
15 years ago

not sure why its happening for you...
check the file you have referring is having correct path or not...try opening the file:///C:/new%20software/col.html in normal browser....
or may be some popup blocker software is blocking....

change your default browser...and disable any popup blockers...and try again...

I tried the followiing

and it works fine for me
15 years ago
what error does it gives when it compiles ....
15 years ago

Joe Saunders wrote:Okay, that makes sense . The minimum value is working now, but the I still get a much too high of a number for the sum.

if that made sense ...then sum should have made some sense too
15 years ago

what is the length of the array --and how many values are you assigining in your loop
15 years ago
if you just want print the zone...then you might want to use

prints just BST
15 years ago
i had issues with this previously....

when i run the

its prints GMT for me...

Greenwich Mean Time

but if i use simpledateformat...it prints correct ,,,

its prints the right time and time zone for me ...

output---Thu May 14 21:50:07 BST 2009
15 years ago

yes they use commons logging..... did you checked the sample program ...they included its pretty straight forward...


isSupportedxxx method returns false

and when you download and unzip the jintellitype you will find JIntellitype.dll along with the jintellitype.jar

3. Installation

-> Copy the following files into your classpath
-> jintellitype.jar
-> JIntellitype.dll (or put in Windows/System32)

15 years ago
used the SimpleDateFormat and setTimeZone() method to print it to appropriate timezone you want ....

15 years ago
you can actually check if the connection object is initialized properly by printing the connection object to console .....
15 years ago

by the above statement ...the time field of the calculator object never gets changed......but infact the other fields with in the calculator gets initialized ...the otherfileds like dstSavings , useDaysavings etc....

to check this you can actually print the 'cal' object using print statement ...

or you can compare two object outputs....like below

if you run above...the time field would show same time (with few millisecond gap for comiler) for both the instaces like GMT and NZ-CHAT...but the other fileds of the object differ..

the above statement just gets the time field out of the cal object... with out any effect of timezone field..

in the above line time1 would be still same.....but when it formats it makes use of timezone to amend it and print the localized time....for the timezone mentioned
15 years ago
the whole point of try catch is to recover your program from the known errors/exception.... in a program with out try catch ...it would probably crash....

so if exception occours in try block ...the code with in the try block after the exception is skipped....and the relavant action is taken in cathe...but the rest of the program should work normally....
15 years ago