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Recent posts by Tara The Author

Absolutely! Want to guess how large the download is?
My book is special. It takes a while to send, but then it goes through a rift in the space time continuum.
Sorry. The book weighed too much so I had to throw it in a black hole. Luckily the book was on 'void'

Originally posted by naitzu sai kneap:

Tara is a female name. I resent being called "Mister." Just for that - no free book for you

Originally posted by Gabriel Claramunt:
I have a question forthe auzor, where I can download the book for free, pleas
I enjoy very much your reply

Try /dev/null. That's where we put everything important.
Ya'll are a year too late. I did a promo last year and they were very welcoming. I sure hope the winners enjoyed reading my book.

And it's Ms. Author to you!
Thanks for having me today everyone. I enjoyed reading the questions and answers. It was fun.
I was trying to avoid dealing with uncontrollable growth. Almost everything can be mapped to Void. If I included AJAX someone would ask why I didn't include something else.

I do have a buzzwords chapter later in the book, which the dog ate. It read something like "AJAX, SOA, synergy." This helps my book come up when people do searches on Google books.
Although the question is a bit outside of what's covered in the book, it does tie in nicely with the concept of Void. It seems that Zoots is a bit of his depths here, because on Linux, the connection can be made without any cables - through the void of the air, except that no AirPort is needed! Just install ZeroConf for Linux (, and put both devices within easy reach of each other (more than 10ft probably will not work), and let the void connection work its magic. Pretty neat, huh?
[ April 01, 2007: Message edited by: Tara The Author ]

Originally posted by William Brogden:
Will your book reveal the secret command line parameters that make all Java programs, no matter what age, use Void and run twice as fast??

It was going to, but the dog ate that part. I didn't have a draft so it's lost forever.
This is 9 questions, so I'll just pick the two most interesting ones

Originally posted by Stefan Wagner:
2 Questions:
I would like to cast some Objects (ResultSet for instance) to Void, send it via RMI to a different host, and cast it back to ResultSet (security by obscurity). Is it possible?

Sure. Just send it through a black hole. By the time you get it back it should be nice and unusable, err secure.

Or shall I use VB?

Gasp! No. You should use Ruby.
Jeanne, that's an interesting question. Unfortunately, the space in this forum is too small to write down the answer. But I'll keep it in my mind for the previous edition of the book. Thanks for the suggestion!
As noted above, you can't yet buy this book at Amazon. But you can buy a preview copy at Google Checkout if your are using their new wireless network.