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Recent posts by Durga Krishna

Hi Friends,

I am facing a problem while displaying the values in drop down using <html : optionsCollection> tag.

From my countryList I will be getting country name and spaces and then count
I have multiple spaces between India and (120). This is coming from by java layer.
But in the dropdown it is not displaying multiple spaces after the name of the country, instead it is showing only one space in the drop down. Eg: "India (120)"

If I use &nbsp; multiple times in my java layer between India and (120), in the drop down, it is displaying ,India&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(120)
I tried using <pre> tag also. But no use.

Is there a way that I can display multiple spaces in the drop down uising, <html : optionsCollection> tag.

Thanks in Advance.
13 years ago
Guys, no body is aware of this...???
14 years ago
Any other answer please...
14 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

But, my application is in production. I want to check due to which class/Method deadlock has occured.
I am using JBoss Application server.
How can I do this?

Thanks in Advance.

That is also fine.

I want to know whether any Interface is available in Java API to do this knid of sorting.
14 years ago


I have an employee class, which have properties like empName and empAge. Both empName ans empAge can be duplicated.
And I have a list of employee objects, which contains duplicate empNames and empAge.
Now I want sort the List object based on empName and then based on empAge(if duplicate empName is there in the list).

Basically I want to know how to do mulitple sort on different properties, if I have duplicate values for a same property.

Note : I know that I have to use Comparator or Comparable for sorting based on sigle property ( like empName)
14 years ago
Hi friends,

If a deadlock happens in my application,
how can I identify which class/object and due to which method it has been locked?

Basically I need to know how to trouble shoot deadlock. Where should I start from?

Please clear the below doubt :

What is the difference between Object lock and bucket lock? How does it related to HashTable?
14 years ago
I din't get proper answer from the given articles. Thanks every body.

The payment gateway is another application, not available in my server.

If I use send redirect, it will be new request object.
Then what about the values (selected items id in the page) in the request object in the current request?

And how can I show success message in the current page?

14 years ago
Hi friends,

I have a shopping cart application. where the user can select the items form the list, which he wants to buy.After selecting, he can click on "Buy" button. Then the user should see the payment gateway page where he can pay the amount using his credit card. Once the payment is done, the message has to be shown in my shopping cart application -"Payment done successfully".

Please tell me whether I have to use forward or send redirect here. And why?

14 years ago

I know I have to launch eclipse. I did that.
I mentioned port as 8787 in eclipse debug option.I choose the project.
I start debug.My eclipse perspective is changing to debug mode.
But it is not coming to my break point.
14 years ago
Hi Peter,

Generally when I do debug, I will able to see my eclipse gets activated and if I have a break point in my code, the control comes to that point and shows green line. After that I will able to do debug line by line manually by pressing F6 key.

But now, in my case, all this is not happening. My eclipse is not getting activated,control not waiting at the break point.

Please suggest me a solution.

Thanks in Advance.
14 years ago
Hi Friends,

Earlier I used jboss-4.0.4.GA for my application. And for remote debugging I used the below commmand in run.bat file.

It went fine.I am able to debug.

Now I upgraded my server to jboss-4.2.3.GA.And if I use the same cammand for remote debugging,it's not working.
I am using jdk1.5.0_15 and JBossIDE for Eclipse Version: 2.0.0.

Please let me know how can I do debug in jboss-4.2.3.GA.
14 years ago
Hi Friends,

I have a dropdown in my application.

I would like to do JSF validation for this dropdown.

If I give required="true", it is giving its own validation error message.

Instead I would like to display a custom error message like 'Please select the state.'

Please let me know how I can display a custom validation message.
14 years ago

I got strucked with one issue.

I would like to display a button using h:CommandButton tag(but it should not be a submit or reset button.)

The code used in my application is as below :

But the rendered html is like this :

Please let me know how can I make type="button" instead of type="submit".
14 years ago