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Recent posts by cfish meena

i have cleared scjp 5.0 with 91 percent.Please suggest me what could be the best certifiction for the next level.As iam working in software company as a developer.Please suggest me which would be useful to grow in my career.
And if it is going to scwcd 1.4 .Please suggest me wther jsp and servlets book by kathy sierra or scwcd by david bridge is best book for exam.
14 years ago
Actually i didnt have time to do Whizlab or Learn key at the last moment because of lack of time and office work.As a exam i didnt do it.
I just went through it as answers and questions and tried to understand why the answers is so and so.Thats all .By that i learnt the concepts too..And tried to work it out when ever i had time.So i practised lots of programs when i had time in office.

Then i did was i read the 2 minutes drill ,along with self test answers in kathy book.Thats all.Went directly to exam without any tension .All i had with me was my confidence.Even i never expected this score.i thought i will just clear.But i felt exam questions very easy to me except genrics.So answered confidently by working it out.Thats all finished the exam in 1 hr.And revised the answers again in 30 minutes,And ended the exam,and got 91.
14 years ago
Iam now Scjp 5.0 with 91 percent.Thanks for all you support.Thanks to Java ranch,Kathy sierra Book and Whizlab.

What is the next certification could be taken .Please give me Your suggestions.
14 years ago
Is whizlab is required for exam preparation .Without that its not enough if we have done with K&B book and learn key CD along with all self test answers..Will that be sufficient???
Anyway my exam is on 29th.Please give me some valuable suggestions or tips while taking exam .Iam going to write SCJP 5.0.
Thanks for all your reply.I have understood it now.Thanks a lot
can anyone please explain me why the output is 3.And x-- should be 0.since it changes to 1 only in next place of x right ,as it is a post increment..Am i right ...Please explain this.

public class sample12 {

int x=5;
static int x,y;

public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println(x+y + ++x);

public static void myMethod(){
y=x++ + ++x;
Can anyone please help me to undertsand why the output of the program is 4.

public class splitTry {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String str="aaaaaaaaabb";
String[] s=str.split("a{3}");
i know the score is less.But this is the first time iam writing mock test.
Anyways will it be possible to clear the test if i try to undertsand each and every question along with answers of 6 mock tests in Whizlab.Will that help me to clear the exam.
Hi all,
i have my SCJP 5.0 Exam on coming 25th August.i have booked the slot too.And as far as Book Kathy Sierra is concerned ,i have gone through 2 to 3 times.And i feel confident when book knowledge is concerned.So i thought of taking mocks tests for rest of days.But when i took the diagnostic test of whizlab today,i scored only 29 percent and failed in all objectives.iam tensed now ,as iam not sure of what shall i do next.And i have only 1 week 5 days.Please give me your valuable suggestions .As i have to write the exam on Auguest 25th as my offer is valid till Aug 31st.Please help me .
hello everybody,

i have done with K&B before revising it again ,i thought of taking mock exams and understanding where iam lacking to go back to the topic and read it again.

so it would be of great help if anyone of you give me
Mock exam Links.And Please provide me some tips to take mock exams .Because i tried with Whizlab practise exam ,and feeling it tough to answer questions in that.
In kathy sierra book.They have mentioned about -classpath as one of option can be given in javac compiler .They have mentioned about this in an line as example :
javac -classpath com:. -g

They have told like here we pass a compiler 2 options .iam not clear what it does option does. Can anyone explain me about this -classpath and -g along with example or in detail.
Yes you are right.Will definitely do it.
Thanks .i will definitely read it again. Thats not the issue. Ok should i read Chapter Wise or Objective Wise? You mean i should not start Mock Exams until iam read fully the material and have understood clearly?
i have gone through the book kathy sierra and covered almost all Chapter except Threads,and left few Topics like Serialization,Regular Expressions.But still iam not able to attend the mock exams questions. And i lack that confidence.Please help me for planning properly,and how should i start preparing .I have planned for exam SCJP 5.0 in August 30th..Within that time i have to work on.As iam poor in planning,Pleae help me to Plan ,and give me Mock Exam Links,Study Guides for SCJP would be very helpful if anyone of You guide me .
Thanks Remko. i will go through the Link along with kathy sierra book and get back to forum if any doubts.