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I misplaced my SCJP Voucher. I dont know what to do....

Can i get a duplicate one....

To my knowledge, String and wrapper classes override hashCode and equals. StringBuilder and StringBuffer dont.
Oh... Thanks Henry. I was wanting to include space, dash(-),@,#,$ signs. I want to exclude !,^, (),<>,;,:,* and words like (SELECT),(TABLE). I seek help in framing such a regular expression.

I sincerely thank you in advance.

I have the follow regex pattern as
private Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("^[a-zA-Z_0-9 -@#$]*$");

when i tried matching this pattern to a string "test@test#asd$!com", it passes when i expected to fail.

Could anyone please help me undersand.
thank you. Got it. overlooked that word. Appreciate your help.

The question is as follows.

Given the following,
1.public class TestObj {
2. public static void main (String [] args) {
3. Object o = new Object() {
4. public boolean equals(Object obj) {
5. return true;
6. }
7. }
8. System.out.println(o.equals("Fred"));
9. }
what is the result?
A. An exception occurs at runtime.
B. true
C. fred
D. Compilation fails because of an error on line 3.
E. Compilation fails because of an error on line 4.
F. Compilation fails because of an error on line 8.
G. Compilation fails because of an error on a line other than 3, 4, or 8.

Correct answer is specified as G.
I felt the correct answer was None of the above because there is a missing semi colon at the end of the inner class definition which is line 7.

Please confirm.
Hi everyone

Sorry that i was not in touch with the group for the past week as my daughter was sick. I am actively starting. I saw benz suggesting to start OOPS concept and another person saying we are going thru K and B book for the Chapter 1. Am little confused as to which book we are following and what is the study strategy. Will greatly appreciate if someone can help me catch up.

Thanks in advance.
Since anamika is planning to take up this test this month end, am sure she shall be in a good position to chalk out the syllabus and start it off...
Hi there

I am very much interested in joining the Study Group. I would like to follow the K and B book.

Please let me know if you have already planned or let us pool in together and come out successful