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Recent posts by biny panackal

When i am running my applicaton i am getting an error

14 years ago
Now i changed my code like this



Now the text box get cleared and my on refresh its agin getting submitted


<s:form >
<s:textfield name="qstCategory" label="Enter Question Category"/>
<s:submit action="InserQuestion"/>

<DIV style="border:1px solid white; float:left;">

<s:iterator status="stat" id="qstCategoryList" value="qstCategoryList"> <s:if test="%{(#stat.index%2)==0}"> </s:if> <s:else> </s:else> </s:iterator>
<s:property value="value"/> <s:property value="value"/>


waiting for a solution
15 years ago
Wht i want to do is..
I had page which displays list of category. and i have a text box and a submit button to insert new category
i have an insert method inside my action class through wich i am insring the new entry. so on the submit button click i am calling that method. But i am filling the list that need to be show in the page is in exec method. So when i am calling the insert method and dircting to the same page it wont lits those which i inserted
15 years ago

Action to the page through with i am Listing data [blgCreateQuestionCategory page is used]
The same page also have an input box to enter the value and a submit button

Action to insert the value. after inserting i am rediectint to the same action that also redirect to same page
then i am refreshing the page the "InserQuestion" is happening aging

15 years ago
Hi all,
I am facing a problem of resubmition in struts. I had filled a page and submitted it. its is gone to my db and agin redirected to the same page . All data that i previously entered is filled in those fields. and if i am ginve refresh by right clicking the broswer the last trasaction agin happening and the page get submitted. HOw can i resolve this page
15 years ago
I had listed the part of struts.xml file using which i am executing the giveAnswer method in my action class.

I got the setter and getter method in the Action class GetAnswerConversations. But when i am accessing the value i am getting null . Why it happends
15 years ago
i got it . But i dont know wether it is the actual way to do it...

bean class

fillQuestionList class used to fill the ArrayList

Plain Objec(Pojo) class

JSP Code

It is using an object for each row. Wether it will create problem with garbage collection which in terms reduse the speed of my application .

15 years ago
hi all,
i am a bit confused that whether i can able to build user friendly applications using struts 2. Now i need to display a list of details say.
employee_cod | name | address | phone number
01 biny xxx 444
02 xx xxx xxx

how can i do that. is there any tag for displaying things as tables an i also must be able to edit the records on a the click of the row..

If any body know any solution please help me.

All attempts are highly appritiable...

Biny Balan

15 years ago
Dear all,

i am fasing a proble with session . I am not able to get the session in the action class can anybody help me.I am giving the code that i used to put a hash table to session

The same session i am tring to access inside another action but i faile . i got it as null. the code i am displayin bellwo

15 years ago
Thaks a lot . That worked fine.

But i still have some doubt in that concept. When we create a object. The values are assigned to the appropriate variables. when i am creating other with other the list hold object of diffrent values in each position. So why we need to use the bean property getter and settter since it will also do the same one.
15 years ago
I am using a class now with two field key and value

i filled to to list

List qstCategory

qstCategory = new ArrayList();
qstCategory.add(new AnsCategory("A","AAA"));
qstCategory.add(new AnsCategory("B","BBB"));
qstCategory.add(new AnsCategory("C","CCC"));

getter and setter method

public List getQstCategory(){
return qstCategory;

and for <s:select

I am not getting the proer value filled in the drop down
public void setQstCategory(List qstCategory){

15 years ago
So if i created a class

String id
String value

and i add object of the same to the list

and if i give like="list" listKey="id listValie="value" wether it will work

15 years ago
expecting replay
can i fill a <s:select using hashtable>
15 years ago
Dear all,
First i am thanking you all who helped me to solve the problme.

Now i need to fill a select combo <s:select with key and value attribute. I am able to fill it with only values but no key. How can i set key value for each option content in ><s:select>

This is my select combo and i am listing the method that i used to fill the combo

private List day;
List qstCategory;
List qstCategoryKey;
String usrQst;

Waiting for a replay .

Biny Balan
15 years ago
Thank you.Thaks alot for your valuable replay.
15 years ago