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Recent posts by T Madhavi

I cleared SCWCD exam today with 88%. I had prepared for 2 and half week. Because of my project schedules, I could not buy more time. I followed this forum, which actually solved many of my doubts with out asking.
I felt there were more number of questions on JSP Expression Language(I do not remember the correct number). And there were 5 questions on design patterns.

All the Best for the future test takers.
Congrats.. That's great.

<%@ page language="java" import="com.mypackage.MyBean" %>
<jsp:useBean id="myBean" class="MyBean"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="myBean" property="myProperty" value="<%=request.getParameter("sentProperty")%>"/>
<jsp:getProperty name="myBean" property="myProperty"/>

Package com.mypackage;

Public class MyBean
private String myProperty;

public MyBean()

public MyBean(String myProperty)
this.myProperty= myProperty;}

public void setMyProperty(String myProperty)
this. MyProperty= myProperty;

public String getMyProperty()
return myProperty;
Which of the following is the result produced when MyUseBean.jsp is accessed with the URL MyUseBean.jsp?sentProperty= (Without any value provided to sentProperty)

A.Runtime Error

B.Prints "null"

C.Prints "initialValue"

D.None Of the Above

This is a question from Mock Exams.

My Ans is: B
But the correct Ans is :C

Can anyone let me know the explanation?

Marc, I have changed my name according to the Naming Policy. Thanks
Congratulations.... and Thanks for the files.
"Session will be invalidated after a time-out period defined by Servlet Container" - From HFSJ
I know session can be invalidated by invalidate(), or specifying time-out in DD or if the browser crashes. But what is meant by time-out defined by servlet container ? is it a default value specified in servlet container?