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Recent posts by Balaji Bang

Is that available in market?
Hi All,

Is there Kathie Sierra book for JAVA8 ?
Am talking about PrintWriter write method. Will this write() causes IllegalStateException if we are trying to do a forward and the response is already commited.
Will the write() method cause the IllegalStateException ? Or only the flush() method causes the IllegalStateException?
I found that most of them read HFSJ. BUT AJAX, JPA and JDBC is not covered in that book if I am not wrong. So please suggest me a book/material for that. And also they mentioned Servlet 3.0 spec. I found one PDF online for servlet spec 3.0.
which boook you refered for JDBC ,JPA and AJax concepts.
11 years ago
Hi Vitalii ,

what is Servlets 3.0 Spec ? Is this a book name or API ? you said you read HFSJ but in that book JDBC and JPA And AJAX concepts are not there . How did you prepare those concepts??? Can you suggest me some books for those concepts/???

11 years ago
Actually I started preparing Head First SCWCD book. But AJAX,JDBC and JPA concepts are not covered in that book. What is the best book to prepare for the WCD Exam? I read the Head First SCWCD book and prepared for the WCD Exam but did not take up the exam. Please suggest me the books for the Exam to take.
Hi I Am planning to write WCD Exam. Wats the latest version available?
I lost my credentials.... But I know the display name "Balaji Bang" . Can you help me logging in. I am posting this with some other id...PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSs
11 years ago
Before that I have Page imports ,

How to handle these kind of situations???

In my jsp I want to forward the request to some other jsp based on a session attribute.

and bothe jsps are in same folder under webcontent. I am using Struts tiles.

I tried with "/index.jsp" and "./index.jsp" and "MyApp/index.jsp" and

Nothing is working

Please help me ...

I am usig <display:table> in my jsp. That is working fine.

I have a hyperlink in my jsp just above the <display:table> . That will add rows in my display table. Thats working fine.

<display:table > says sortable="true" , so that all my columns are sortable.

My problem is ....

Once I click my hyperlink that adds rows into the table, after that if I click any of the column's header its also adding rows instead of sorting..

Please explain me how can i use hyperlink in that jsp without effecting the sortable functionality.....

Please help me....

14 years ago
HI Ankit...

Thanks a lot ....
Thank you very much...

Its working fine...
14 years ago

I am displaying the data coming from database using <display:table> .

It has 3 columns. Name, state,EDIT.

EDIT column contains the radio buttons used for editing those columns....

Here I am tring to assign value to the radio button . But it is showing undefined , when I am trying to print in the java script.

1) Click the radio button, that should contain value which is id coming from database.
2)after getting the id in java script, I have to submit the form.

Pleas ehelp me.....
how can I assign value to the radio button

14 years ago